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For the 2021 Season I will be doing things a bit different – as always things are in a continual flux, learn as we go, being flexible is important when growing! This year we have plugs, seedlings, bi-weekly market bouquet subscriptions, vase subscriptions, special order bouquets, DIY Buckets, a special Succulent Event, and Dried Flower Wreath Kits available. Super exciting times!

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I’ve ordered a ton of plugs that are due to arrive Mid-March. If you order your plugs by March 15th – you get them at just a tad above my price-but you have to come and pick them up no later than March 17th or March 25th depending on the items. They are not ready to go into the ground or on the patio yet – they will need a bit more time, a bit bigger pot, lots of warmth and some good light for several more weeks.

List of plugs arriving mid to late March:

Lisianthus Advantage Cherry Sorbet: Mid to early season flowers of bicolor rose and pink. Strong stems. 28-32′

Lisianthus-ABC 2 Blue: 2-3′ tall with fully double blooms, wonderful cut flowers.

Lisianthus-ABC 2 Rose: 2-3′ tall with fully double blooms, wonderful cut flowers.

Lisianthus Flare White: produces more flowers on the top of each stem that open with a short window, giving each stem the appearance of a bouquet.  This “spray” effect results in fewer stems needed for floral arrangements.  36″-45″

Ranunculus: Mache Mix-compact – 10-12″

Snapdragons Rocket Mix; the finest hybrids for garden use and hot weather tolerance.  They grow 30-36″ tall and produce long spikes with many closely spaces florets.  Good for the garden or cut flowers.

Dahlia; Hypnotica, Bronze-large flowers, vigorous, uniform habit and good branching are all characteristics of this line.  Heat tolerant 18-24″

Dahlia; Hypnotica, Rose Bi-color -large flowers, vigorous, uniform habit and good branching are all characteristics of this line.  Heat tolerant 18-24″

Dahlia; Hypnotica, Tropical Breeze -large flowers, vigorous, uniform habit and good branching are all characteristics of this line.  Heat tolerant 18-24″

Alyssum; Giga White

Chocolate Symphony; combo patio pack

Petunia Premium; Easy Wave Yellow

Petunia Premium; Success White

Petunia Premium; Tidal Wave Red Velour

Aquilegia; Columbine, Kirigami mix, beautiful, cup shaped flowers surrounded by spur-shaped petals.  Attracts hummingbirds, blooms May-June.  Prefers moist soil and partial sun.  Deadhead regularly.  Often reseeds themselves.   Zone 3-10

Asclepias tuberosa; “Butterfly Weed”, Gay Butterflies Mix – mixture of yellow, orange, and red flowers, approx.. 2-3′ tall.  Slow to emerge in spring, but showy for butterfly gardens or cut flowers.  Zone 4-9

Campunula-medium; “Canterbury Bells, Cup & Saucers”, Cuplike flowers stand on a saucer-like calyx.  Old-fashioned favorites, especially for the cutting garden.  Not particulary hardy – better to treat as an annual or biennial.  Large flowers in June-July.  Champion II Pink – These new F1 hybrid series boats quality cut flowers florists.  Beautiful upright-facing flowers on strong stems have an excellent vase life up to 2 weeks.  36″-40″ Zone 5-8

Delphinium; A very showing perennial displaying elegant spikes in May-August.  Best in deep, fertile soil.  Excellent background or accent, lovely for cutting.  Trim faded flowers to encourage side shoots.  Keep evenly moist.  (Note: plant juices are known to poison cattle).  Delphina; Dark Blue Black Bee-A naturally dwarf delphinium which needs little to no support.  Well branched plants are nice in pots or planted in the middle of beds.  Sturdy stems.  Hight 18-20″ Zone 3-9

Dianthus-barbatus; “Sweet William”; Rockin’ Pink Magic; Brilliant, long lasting color is sure to please, durable in the landscape and good overwintering.  Height 18-24″ Blooms open white, and mature to light pink, then deep pink.  Zone 5-8

Echinacea purpurea; Cheyenne Spirit,  First year bloomers, sought-after shades of red, orange, purple, scarlet, cream, yellow, and white. Extremely well branched plants.  Drought tolerant, full sun.  Attractive to birds and butterflies.  First year height 18-24″ following years 22-30″. Zones 4-10

Euphoria; “Cushion Spurge” Ascot Rainbow; Green-blue and cream variegated leaves deepen to pink and red in cooler temperatures.  Cream, blue-green, and red bracts.  Busy and compact.  Height 20″.  Extremally heat and drought tolerate.  Zones 7-9

Polemonium; “Jacob’s Ladder”; Touch of Class, Striking gray-green foliage variegated with bright white edges.  Vigorous and robust.  A wonderful component plant.  Pink buds open to small, pale blue flowers.  Height 14-18″ Zones 3-9.

Rudbeckia; Amarillo Gold: AAS, and a 2020 Flueroselect Gold Medal Winner!  An eyecatcher with large 4-6″ golden flowers with green centers  This busy, compact plant is earlier to flower and shows color from spring to fall, giving a wow factor in any garden.  Great for containers ,or landscapes.  Dead heading is recommended.  Height 12-18″. Tender perennial. 

Rudbeckia; Cherokee Sunset: AAS winner.  Blend of yellow, orange, bronze, mahogany and other “sunset” colors.  Flowers vary from a semi-double to double.  Performs best in full sun.  Tender perennial.  Height 24-36″

Beach House Combo: Petunia-Vegetat-Perfectunia Sun & Ray Classic Blue, Verbena-Estrella Peach.

Midsummer Nights Dream Combo: Diascia-Trinity Sunset, Petunia-Vegetat-Cascadias Indian Summer, Torenia-Summer Wv Tring Lrge Blue

Out of the Blue Combo: Lobulaira-Stream Lavender, Petunia-Vegetat-Veranda Double Sugar Plum, Vebena-Estralla Blueberry

Fuchsia-Dark Eyes; less trailing, bushier plant

Fuchsia-El Camino; less trailing, bushier plant

Petunia-Vegetat; Crazytunia Mayan Sunset

Phlox Paniculata; “Garden Phlox”-Bright Eyes: Well-loved as a feature in the cutting garden as well as in the border.  Blooms July-September.  Soft pink flowers with prominent hot pink eyes 36″ tall.  Zones 4-8

Sidalcea; “Prairie Mallow, Checkerbloom”: Party Girl-beautiful perennial for landscape or cutting garden in areas with relatively cool summers and milder winters.  Similar to holly-hock, but shorter, it produces its flowers on a spike.  Cut back after blooming for repeat flowers.  Bright pink, hibiscus-like flower.  Hight 36″ Zone 5-9

Flower Subscriptions

Our flower subscriptions will begin approximately June 19 and run through September 5th, depending on Mother Nature and the growing season. We might start a bit earlier, or a bit later, but in any case you will get the allotted amount of bouquets! Our pick up location this year will be determined after the subscription list is full. I’m aiming for Monday drop offs, probably at a park.

This year we only have bi-weekly subscriptions.

****SOLD OUT****Spring Market Bouquet Subscriptions: $85 (5 bouquets)

Summer Market Bouquet Subscriptions: $102 (6 bouquets)

Summer Vase Subscriptions: $150

DIY Buckets

Small: $75

Medium: $100

Large: $125

Succulent Event April 2021

$30.00 for the afternoon fun!

Ordering will open in March 2021

Join us at the ranch for a fun filled afternoon of playing in the dirt, designing your own succulent container with fairy garden accents! This will be a bring your own container event. There will be two dates to be determined when April gets closer, space is limited.

What’s included: 4 different types of succulents, 1 fairy, 1 animal, 1 fence, fairy walking path stones, dirt, printed care instructions for each plant and refreshments.

You will need to provide: willingness to have some fun and a container of your choice ie; a planter approximately 12 inches in diameter no deeper than 8 inches.

These succulents thrive in warmer climates, they are not the type of plant that are suitable for planting outdoors full time in our area. They will most likely need a very sheltered place outside, or be brought in during the winter months to be protected.

Dried Flower Wreath Kits


Everything you need to create a one-of-a-kind wreath!

Kits Include all of these great flowers lovingly dried with care:

  • Strawflowers
  • Amaranth
  • Statice
  • Poppies
  • Bee Balm
  • Lavender
  • And anything else that has been dried along the way

Available October 2021