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Seed Bouquets

Are you looking for a Valentines Day gift that doesn’t involve chocolate….? How about a Mother’s Day gift that gives happiness for months & months? Or maybe a gift for that special gardener in your life? Seed bouquets are a great way to show your love!

It’s proven that being outside, is good for your physical & mental health. Why not give the gift that keeps giving? Not only will your special person be able to grow & enjoy these flowers all Spring & Summer, but many of them are easy to harvest seeds from at the end of the season!

If you haven’t grown these before, not to worry the bouquet comes with directions on how to grow the different seeds too! All of these seeds have been grown and harvested in my very own garden. We do not use pesticides, but we also don’t control what gets cross pollination, so your flowers from these seeds might vary from what the parent plant looked like last year-isn’t nature amazing!!

What the bouquet includes:

Beautiful packaging

25 seeds of each of these flowers: Corn Cockle, Senora Zinnia, Mammoth Sunflowers, Strawflowers, Multistemed Sunflowers, Victorian Dahlias, Chrysanthemum; 20 Sweetpeas, 5 Pride of Gibraltar

If you pick up in Whatcom County it’s $25!

Seed Bouquet **shipping included to continental US only***

Seed bouquets to send to your loved ones!!


Whatcom County Pick up Seed Bouquets

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***Please read….I’m selling the seeds as collections….please take note of what you are purchasing. The description of each flower is below. These prices include shipping!!

Zinnia Collection

You will receive 25 Zinnia Senora (which are peach in color) and 25 Zinnia Chrysanthemum (which are a mix of peaches, reds, and oranges) seeds. These easy to grow flowers will give you blooms all the way through our first frost! **price includes shipping**


Sweet Pea Seeds

You will receive 25 mixed color Sweet Pea Seeds. Easy to grow, sweet smelling, and strong long stems! They can get as tall as 5 feet or more, they will need a place to climb! **price includes shipping**


Garden Filler Collection

You will receive 25 Victorian Dahlia seeds and 25 Corn Cockle seeds. They both grow up to 3 feet tall, filling your garden with color and perfect blooms all season long!! See more pictures below! **price includes shipping**


Dry Flower Collection

You will receive a minimum of 25 Strawflower seeds and 25 Amaranth seeds. Both of these seeds can be a bit tricky to direct seed, I recommend starting in seed trays indoors 5-6 weeks before last frost. They are great for fresh arrangements, as well as long lasting dried arrangements. See more pictures below! **price includes shipping**


2020 Double J Flower Ranch Calendar

Beautiful full color calendar of flowers from the ranch all season in 2019! 8x11, spiral bound with white wire. **price includes shipping**


Mixed Sweet Peas; sweet smelling, hardy growers, sturdy, long stemmed prolific bloomer! They will need a place to climb as they often get over 6 feet tall. I’ve had so many people get a long forlorn look in their eyes when they bury their face into the blooms, always telling me of memories from their childhood!

  • Ocean Pearl Corn Cockle; easy to grow, perfection in each bloom, great for fresh bouquets. They get about 3 feet tall with hardy main stems and multiple stems off of that, a great producer of beautiful blooms and seeds!

Mammoth Sunflower; often reaching 8-10 feet tall, with a single head per trunk that often is 12-14 inches across! Fun to grow and harvest seeds from!

Multi-stem Sunflower; often reaching 8-10 feet tall, one main trunk with several 8-9 inch stems of beautiful Sunflowers.

  • Mixed Strawflowers; strong sturdy, long lasting beauty for freshly cut bouquets as well as long lasting color in dried bouquets. Often growing to 4 feet tall this flower is a bit tricky to start, but once it’s started it grows well.

Amaranth Opopeo; strong study trunks reaching up to 2 feet tall, with multiple stems of fun fuzzy foliage to add drama and flair to any bouquet!

  • Zinnia, Senora; Zinnia’s are by far the easiest, hardest working, funnest type of flower to grow in the garden! They come in all shapes, sizes and colors and are will work for you all summer long! Senora is a lovely salmon color that compliments most colors very well.

Zinnia, Chrysanthemum, mixed colors; Zinnia’s are by far the easiest, hardest working, funnest type of flower to grow in the garden! They come in all shapes, sizes and colors and are will work for you all summer long! This Chrysanthemum Zinnia is a dramatic addition to any fresh cut bouquet!

Victorian Dahlias, mixed colors; these fun dainty Dahlias are a great addition to the garden. They grow to be around 3 feet tall, and will produce a tuber for you at the end of the season!


Beautiful full color calendar with pictures of the prettiest flowers from the garden! 8 1/2 inches by 11 inches, perfect for the kitchen or office! $12 each