Photo Gallery

Click here for a video tour of the gardens, pictures are great, but they don’t always do it justice! There are a few other videos at YouTube that you will be able to find while your over there! Enjoy your visit!

Time to dry some strawflowers ! August 9, 2019
Carnations have finally arrived !!
It’s me….just enjoying the gardens 🥰
Zinnias for dayz! They are doing really well this year and it’s still super early in the season !
Cosmos add a touch of class & whimsy to any bouquet !
My bouquets are getting bigger & better each time I put one together !
My stems are getting longer as the season progresses!
Summer of 2018 I planted a fairy garden of random seeds that I thought would be pretty at my wedding, the three vases are my attempt at little bouquets for the tables. Who knew that a few short months later my husband would purchase a book that would tell me all the things I was wrong!
My first cut flower bouquet for the 2019 growing season!!

I grew this gourd, but not the roses, I purchased those at Safeway just to have something to play with!

My roadside stand 2018, it’s a bit tiny!  We might have to get a bigger one if things start to grow as much as I’m planning!

My 2018 attempt at a flower garden! Such a chaotic mess! 2019 is much better!

I can always count on Bella to come setttle in any type of box I leave laying around!

I made this cute fairy house to hide in the garden, next year I will need to dedicate a space just for my fairy garden!

I planted some of this from seed, which was rough, it was a struggle to keep up with the weeds – what was weed & wasn’t was the hardest part!  I’m thinking this year will be a bit different with plans on landscaping cloth and planting 10-12 weeks in the greenhouse, there shouldn’t be a confusion as to what is a weed!

My very first boho boquet from my fairy garden!  I was so excited to finally have flowers coming out of the garden!

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