Welcome to Double J Flower Ranch


Double J Flower Ranch is a seasonal flower and plant growing hobby farm. We enjoy sowing seeds, nurturing the seedlings into plants to either sale or plant in our own garden. We have a seasonal road side stand that usually opens April and closes Late October. Our stand is a self-serve honor system that usually has a variety of items such as flowers of all shapes and colors, herbs, veggie starts, and hand crafted items.

Feel free to take a tour of the gardens – in their rough and tumble shape – it’s a working farm, certainly not perfection by any means!

If you are looking for information about our bouquet subscriptions please visit our FAQ page about the subscriptions & special orders.

Also within these pages you will have the opportunity to follow us on our journey from turning our ideas and dreams into a reality of what we hope to be the Double J Flower Ranch, a cute little hobby flower field – not a multi-million dollar corporation. Check out our story on our blog. You will find pictures of the progress of the building of the greenhouse,
the entire process of sowing seeds indoors as well as a bunch of other adventures.

You can visit the greenhouse page directly to see the process of the build and the list of materials used if you want ideas on how to build one of your own.

You can visit our 2020 page to see what’s growing in the seed trays now….

To see how the 2019 growing season went visit our page- 2019 flower attempts. You will find notes, pictures and tips for the different flowers we tried in the garden.

You can also sign up to receive updates from our blog directly to your email account, just click the button to get signed up.

Thanks again for joining us! We hope to see you again soon!

šŸ’• Jade & Joe šŸ’•

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