Spring Market 2022

We appreciate everyone who took time out of their day to come see us out in Everson – goodness it was a rainy one! But so many people came out, and said hi, some came out and purchased items from myself and other artists as well! They included seedlings, soaps, earrings, candles and odds & ends.

THERE WILL BE A SUMMER MARKET! I am so excited that hubby tolerated it so well, that he even suggested we do it – it wasn’t even just my idea! And he’s even hinted at being on board for a Fall market! I’m super excited – there will undoubtedly be a Flower Bar at the summer market as well as more pottery for sale! I’m sure the other artists that were at the Spring Market will also be at the summer market, with a few additions along the way!

Thanks again!!!


We are certainly hoping for a lovely spring day, but if it’s raining too much or if it’s too windy we will have to cancel the event & try for a different day!

We have many lovely people from all over Whatcom county joining us with their creations and enthusiasm for their craft! Snag some great gifts for Mother’s Day, or the weddings you will be going to this summer, or perhaps start your Christmas shopping early and of course find something special for yourself! So much to choose from! Feel free to contact us for more information at doublejflowerranch@gmail.com

Coming soon!

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