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Worry Flowers fresh out of the kiln!

Greetings on this lovely Sunday evening. It appears that things are moving forward with the seasons…thank goodness! The snow is gone, the rain has let up, the winds have died down….it’s just regular old January now! Mom and I went through some seed catalogs today – so much fun to look through the books and see what’s out there, new & unusual. There’s something called Mexican Hat that I think I just might give a go at. The nice thing about not growing to produce, is it doesn’t matter what grows, what color things are or how tall they are. I just get to grow to grow…no stress there – or is there?! I always manage to find something to stress about, I’m sure it will be the case this year also.

COVID Rant & My Experience as an Unvaccinated Individual

I did want to take a minute and talk about what everyone else is talking about – still…COVID……the pandemic that seems to be going on forever, with little to no sense with rules from different levels of government, different levels of mandates – that are only for some people but not others…it has been a wild ride for sure.

Thankfully, the man with all the money in the world is saying that this new strain of the virus is going to be the end of it. Well, thank God, Bill Gates – who isn’t any more of a scientist than Mr. Biden is, states in this article that indeed we are close to being done with this mess. What’s even more frightening than him telling us that it’s almost over is the quote at the end “There will be future outbreaks coming from other species so we need to invest in being ready”. Well, thanks for that Billy….that’s a great little message to send to us little poor people who are at the whim of you ding-dongs. Or are we….? There’s been plenty of uprising from groups around the world, but have you seen that on the national media? No, because it doesn’t keep with the narrative that everyone believes in this mess to begin with. Just two weeks ago there was a very peaceful march in Seattle – for no more mandates, and things to be finished, but did we see any of it on the news? Why is that? If you are unsure of what you have been missing, type in “Covid protests” in the search bar at the Epoch Times, there are many articles about different protests throughout the world.

Even with all the fear and shame that has been spread far and wide with this crazy plan-demic, there are still normal human beings that are smart enough to know when we are being bamboozeled. There are still people that are standing on the side-lines watching their loved ones fall into the trap of being taken over by mass hysteria, still people who deep down in their hearts know there is something wrong, and are willing to stand up and call it like it is. When this mess started, we had no idea what it was, or what was going to happen, but three months into it, it was very clear that there had bee a lot of lies, and a lot of cover ups – then there were people who thought they had the authority to do things that they had no right to do. Thankfully, the supreme court has done it’s job in upholding the laws it was put into place to defend.

Anyhow…..I’ve haven’t been overly pushy about my views on the situation, but as you can tell I’m a bit exhausted from holding it all in….can someone tell me why the national CDC says we only to wait 5 days before we come out of hiding after testing positive for COVID, but my local health department says 20 to my mom, 10 to me, then changes their number to 5 an entire week and a half after the national CDC has come out with their time line. While you are explaining that to me, please explain to me how we were going to “get rid of COVID” when it’s a virus, and there no way to get rid of a virus-hence the flu has been a going concern for years and years-oh wait, we aren’t going to get rid of it, we are going to “flatten the curve”….right? Oh, and now here we are, dealing with a huge wave of a variant that could be the endempic?! I can’t make sense of it, but here’s what I can make sense of.

I, as an unvaccinated 47 year-old female, with no underlying health conditions, fought off the bug like I have any other flu – because that is what this bug was – a type of flu. It should have been my choice to get the vaccine without bribery, threats, shame and fear – I should not have had to choose between my employment, putting food on the table, paying my power bill and having running water OR put an experimental drug in my body to fight a flu bug that they had no idea about. The entire thing has been stressful and scary.

As to how I dealt with the bug – Advil, that was my secret, I had a fever on a Tuesday morning, achy all over. I took three Advil and went back to bed. I woke up several hours later, still hurting, this time a bit more, even my eyelashes hurt. I took three more Advil and went back to bed. I did this for 36 hours….slept, ate, took Advil, upped my vitamins a bit and rested….after 36 hours I was on the flip side – mending, just as God designed our bodies to do. All day, everyday, our bodies are doing their amazing job of fighting off germs. Are there people who cannot fight off bugs? Yes, of course….but that is without a doubt, their choice as a human – born with freewill – to do what they think they need to do to make it through an illness. There are as many ways to deal with an illness as there are humans on this earth, no two are alike – our DNA is unique to each of us, how one is going to deal with an illness and the chemicals used to fight it are different in every way. So, why would companies deny proven drugs to people? Why should we all be forced to take the same drug – if we don’t want to? I’m done talking about this for now, the horse is still dead, but I keep beating the poor thing….over and over…even when I say I’m going to finally bury the thing, something sets me off again…..

Update on Mom

Interestingly enough, mom, a 70 year-old unvaccinated female, with slight COPD (no symptoms), heart disease and being overweight also dealt with COVID at the same time I did. We must have been exposed at the same time, by who knows who – and it doesn’t matter, my health isn’t their responsibility, it’s not like they set out to make us ill. She ended up in the hospital with her third fall in as many days….the positive test wasn’t a huge surprise in that everyone has had the virus, it was only a matter of time, but it was a surprise because she had no symptoms. She had hit her head, and sliced her hand open on something. She had a brain bleed, Afib & 6 stiches in her hand from a mystery cut we are unsure of how it happened. Was it Covid related? We have no idea….here’s what we do know…

She’s been here ever since she got out of the hospital 10 days ago. She’s been sleeping in our bed, while we sleep in the guest room on a trundle bed. We’ve been feeding her, she’s been exhausted and sleeping a lot. She has spent a few hours at her own apartment in the last few days, and will be going back to her apartment tomorrow to sleep in her own bed – once we have a safety line installed so just in case she falls again – she will have a way to reach someone instead of laying on the floor for 8 or 9 hours. She fell out of our bed last week, hit her head and was carted off to the ER to be sure the brain bleed wasn’t any worse, turns out the brain bleed fixed itself and is doing just fine.

She’s been on a path for a while now, three years….? Progressively more confused, moments of clarity, exhaustion, moments of energy and the ability to be up and about, with bouts of not being up and about. I do not have a crystal ball, I have no idea when it will end, but there will be an end, as there are with everyone and everything. For now, we are taking it a day at a time…..a moment at a time, I’m not perfect, but I’m trying to do right by her & my family. Joe has been very supportive, and unbelievably patient, two of the reasons I fell in love with him.

Clay Update

I’ve ran the kiln three times now, one bisque & two glaze. Each time it went off without a hitch, it takes about 20 hours from start to finish when I can finally open it up and take things out. I’m loving all of it! I did try to mix my own clear glaze, which seems very thick…so I’m trying to figure out what to do about it and what I’m going to do with the projects from the class I held this weekend.

Yes, I led a class of four people on how to make the cute little trinket bowls and wall pockets that everyone loves so much! There really isn’t much to teach, it’s rolling out clay and having the right equipment. A fellow flower farmer/florist reached out to me with the idea to have me come lead a little class with her grief group, originally there was supposed to be 8 people, but there was some illness that prevented the other 4 from coming. It turned out to be a wonderful group of lovely ladies and they produced a lot of cute things! I’m looking forward to firing them, then putting on a clear glaze for them and firing them again. They all did a wonderful job of putting their own spin on the dishes! I hope they love them as much as I do!

Class work

I’ve had five weeks off….and the amount of clay projects, the number of posts on my Instagram and the new gear I have for clay shows it! Since I do not have a full kiln I need to do some work to get more ready to go into the kiln with the classwork – oh darn – I have to do more clay?! Check out my clay page for more pictures (if I can figure out how to post more!)

Of course it will be a bit tricky to go back to work and do clay, but I’m sure I can find a way. I’m certainly ready to go back to some sort of normal.

Lily Update

My daughter made this adorable shirt!

She’s growing like a weed, she’s adorable, and she still has a spunky giggle – she is certainly giving her mom and dad a wild ride! She’s still not crawling at 10 months – almost 11 months – but it’s okay, because she’s a beautiful baby, we can deal with that situation. She’s eating on her own (no feeding port), she breathing on her own (no oxygen or cpap machine at night), sitting up, waving, giggling, wiggling, jiggling, and being a very happy baby. We will take whatever the good Lord gives us. The kids are doing amazingly well as parents, God knew who to give that little girl to.

I think you are all caught up, thank you so much for stopping in. I hope you and yours are doing well. I hope that you are able to make your own choices as to what happens to your health. I hope you are able to make your own choices as to where you sleep tonight, where you go to work and where you will go tomorrow and with who – because once we begin to lose our freedoms, as simple as they may be, they are difficult to get back. Take good care of yourself and those you love. Until next time, hugs to you.

5 thoughts on “Rants…..Seed Shopping….Mom….Clay…Lily-Bean

  1. Melissa Magill

    Lily is getting so big! What a doll.

    Free will is a sticky thing for those among us who are more border collie than pug, if it can’t be controlled then they aren’t doing their job well. That’s ok, that’s what us mastiffs and labradors are for, holding the line and reminding those around us what is controllable and what isn’t ours to control. You’re doing a good job all around, you’ll be able to look back without regret and that is a beautiful thing.


    1. Laura bentley

      Hi Jade. Melissa shared your blog with me. Seems such a long time our of view… SO THANKFUL that your eye lashes feel better! So far, we’re alright. Like you, weary. Also happy for updates on your mom and Lily! THANK YOU!
      My sister, Lisa, ran into Joe, at-home Depot (I think). Will you tell him that DAYS later she was still SO TICKLED to have gotten the chance. She said, ‘I just love Joe, SO MUCH!’ YEP, it made her glow. Tell him, won’t you?


  2. Shirley fuller nielsen

    Love hearing from you. And my thoughts exactly. Give your momma an extra hug from me today. Sorry she has been having some health issues and trust she is feeling better. My weeping pussywillow tree says Spring is near!!

    Liked by 1 person

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