Happy Sunday evening my friends. I hope all is well. We certainly enjoyed our weekend packed full of fun grandparenting kind of things – Friday we had a sleep over with the 11 month old, Saturday morning a basketball game for the 6-year-old, followed by her sleeping over after a fun filled day of playing with my cousins little girl about her age, taking a walk, baking a cake & then brunch with the kids and my mom this morning….shew! Now a little quite time to recuperate before it’s back to work for us two. Time flies when you are having fun!

Mermaid inspired cake decorating

Oh, and I forgot to mention I had a lovely visit from a very nice young lady who wanted to chat flowers. It’s always so much fun to chat flowers with people, the poor dear probably thought I was never going to shut up! She was one of the brides that I did DIY buckets for last summer, she enjoyed them so much she wanted to pick my brain a bit about seeds & growing her own this year, and chat about maybe helping me out if I was going to do flowers again. Since I’m not doing a huge operation this year, there’s not much to be done around here for her, so maybe she can connect with other growers. She did give me some great advice about my houseplants that I’m clueless about! I sent her off with some seed catalogs with plans of seeing her at my upcoming seeding/pottery/houseplant sale at the end of April. More details on that soon enough….first — things to sort out!

I will do my best not to drag out the poor dead horse out back….

The look out at Grey’s Harbor is Heavily damaged by the storms

Joe and I managed to get a bit of a mini-vacation in last weekend. We left early Friday afternoon with Bruce & Jill, hopping on the ferry in Coupeville, headed to Port Townsend – stayed one night at the Old Alcohol Plant – which was amazing & a definite do again! We went on to stay two nights at the Best Western in Aberdeen.

Granted, there is not much to do in Aberdeen, but it was a good place to stay for taking a run out to the International Mermaid Museum and West Port Winery. We were supposed to take the trip at the end of December, but the weather had us snowed in and on lock down, so we had to wait until the weather got better. Jill and I have been watching the updates from the winery and the museum for quite a while, so we were eager to go see it in person, and see if it was all it was made out to be. We were not disappointed, the food was amazing, the spirits were tasty and the museum very entertaining! We look forward to our return this summer when hopefully the gardens will be in bloom. They’ve certainly made a beautiful place there! We also took a dash out to Grays Harbor – in all it’s rain soak, wind tattered grayness……it’s still a nice drive out to see the goings-on.

Thankfully I came back feeling refreshed and rebooted. The large tub full of hot water and bubbles might have played a key part of the process, but I’m sure having good company, tasty food and a bit less stress helped a great deal also.

While away I did notice that my body is ready to start moving again, a bit of an awaking I suppose, which is normal for this time of year. Today was an absolute gorgeous day, I didn’t get a damn thing done outside other than a great walk with hubby, but the house is in a bit of better shape than when the weekend started out, so not is all lost. Perhaps I can get a few things accomplished this week after work if there is anything left of me when I arrive home.

Speaking of awakenings…..times are crazy – I’m not going to drag the horse out – but I will point you in a few different directions just in case you might want to see what’s going on in different parts of the world.

I have to say, honestly, while I was watching the footage of the great 2022 Canadian Freedom Convoy, I found myself feeling so proud & so happy and so relived… happy that finally something, someone was finally shaking free – awakening to what we’ve feared for so long.

I’ve thought about it a lot the last week – here I am so relived that things are changing, the winds of change are here – so thankful that there seems to be some semblance of some sort of awakening of commonsense – but then think about those people who have been buying this hook, line and sinker for the last two years – and wonder how scared they must be, or how angry they must be.

What I have discovered is that there are a lot of people who know that what is happening is wrong, there are a lot of people who want to stand up and take a stand, but are scared, there are a lot of people who want to take their masks off, but are scared of being yelled at, scared of offending someone else. Nobody wants to offend people, most people are kind. It’s so strange to know that there are cities, states, countries, entire continents that have no mask mandates, no vaccine mandates, no vax passport – but then find out that some states are just starting some of these things….nobody knows what the hell is going on.

The situation in Canada is changing rapidly. Have you seen much on main steam media about it yet? I certainly haven’t…..but it’s starting to get picked up by other news outlets, type in 2022 Freedom Trucker Convoy in your favorite search bar, see what pops in. They raised 10 million dollars via the GoFundMe site, which denied access to the funds, and is now in the process of refunding everyone’s money – which I will tell you wasn’t their original plan, but things moved quickly enough that now people have given funds to a new site called GiveSendGo (3.1 million at last check this afternoon). Crazy times indeed, but I just seen that Ottawa is now shutting down fuel stations and roads to the truckers, so the entire situation might be shut down quickly.

In any case – things are starting to sway. The narrative is starting to crumble, but so many people have suffered for so long, I just hope they can recover – financially, emotionally, physically. I’m not sure who exactly would benefit from such a disaster (I could guess, and I could point fingers, but alas I won’t), but I can certainly see who has been hardest hit by this disaster. The small business owner – not Amazon or Wal-Mart because it’s okay to go shopping there…. the person who thought they were doing the right thing by staying in their house this entire time – I actually overheard someone say the other day “I haven’t let my house for the year because I wasn’t supposed to, that’s what they told me, to stop the spread to stay home”. What? How? These goons making up these rules – telling people to stay home and be alone – are out having parties without masks, going to work every day, getting their hair done in the back alley – maskless…..

Is that the dead horse I see……not out in full view yet…..??

I seen something on q13 Fox news a few weeks back – yes, I do click on their web page from time to time to see if they are actually reporting anything real….

It was a quick sound bite on social media platforms. It came out on the heels of an announcement that there will be a new large social media platform hitting interweb soon….. For those of you following along at home, you know I left Facebook – aka Meta – about three months ago. I haven’t regretted it, the only thing I regret is not doing it sooner. I made the switch to Me-We – unfortunately, there are not a lot of people there, so it’s been kinda slow lol! I thought this sound bite was interesting because it was trying to downplay the amount of people leaving Facebook, like – “oh, it’s just a fad, these other platforms won’t make it, Facebook is just too popular and easy to use and everyone is there, so why would anyone else jump”. It was so poorly done, it made me cringe. I thought it was such an odd thing to report on, why would you do that, unless….well…unless you were trying to do damage control perhaps….? As a reporter, they must know that indeed Meta is going to fall on it’s face – they just took a huge hit in the stock market this week – the biggest loss in a one day period ever. I wonder if we will ever get any real numbers on the amount of people leaving the Meta-verse?

Anyhow, I hope you had a great weekend also. I also hope that you are finding yourself awakening with the dawn of Spring so close around the corner we can almost smell it! I’m so thankful that you stopped in for a few minutes, thanks for checking in. I’m hoping that you will be able to visit in person for the Spring Market I have cooking up. We shall see how it all pulls together by the end of April. Things have been so crazy busy with work & managing mom’s care that I’ve had no time for clay, sewing, seed purchasing…..but I will get things situated and start putting myself back together! Until next time – hugs to you & yours!

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