The Rona Has Arrived & an Update on Mom

Happy chilly Wednesday! We are still dealing with freezing temps, cold winds, snow and ice this week. We are predicted to get 4-6 inches of snow tonight. It’s just as well, I’m home sick with the Rona…what an interesting time this last few days have been. Apparently I spoke too soon about mom’s health….I should have known better.

Mom contacted us Sunday morning, she had fallen in the hallway. We went down, cleaned her up, got her situated. She ended up calling us after she called 911, but only after she had laid on the floor for several hours. Thankfully she’s chatting about a medical alert necklace again. We had one at one time, but she refused to wear it. I wish I could say that was the end of all that, but after arriving at work on Monday, I received a phone call that she had fallen again, so I turned around and went back out to her house. I ended up taking her to the doctor, and had a confirmation of a UTI within seconds, so he put her on a round of antibiotics. We both knew that what it was, but apparently they do not prescribe anything over the phone…so we had to drag her in.

When I got home that night I started feeling really icky, achy, stuffy and out of sorts. By Wednesday morning I was in bad shape, when mom called again, saying she had fallen in the kitchen, cut her hand and hit her head I was unable to go. She had already called 911, so at least someone was on their way.

They ended up transporting her, the bump on her head was a concern.

After a few hours, it was discovered that mom has Covid, not the reasoning behind her falling, but would explain why I wasn’t feeling well, so I took a test to confirm. I hurt everywhere, even my eyelashes were hurting. I had a fever of 99.5, later that night it went up to 100.5, thankfully it broke sometime early this morning. I’m certainly still sore, but not nearly as much. Who knows where the two of us picked it up, and who knows why mom never displayed any symptoms, this Covid thing is certainly an interesting animal.

There was a lot of texting & phone calls with mom, the hospital, and family members. I certainly wasn’t able to go to mom’s house and watch her when they released her from the hospital, I’m the only one that can do that sort of thing as my little sister lives an hour away & my older sister has challenges of her own. I was hoping they would keep her, as there was no aftercare plan for when they sent her home. After several hours of going round and round, they decided they were going to send her home, so Joe and I prepared to have her come here. I would do my best to help, and Joe was brave enough to take on such an ordeal. Joe left to go get mom’s things from her apartment, the roads were slick and it was snowing. This seems like a plot in a movie….

Thankfully, at the last minute they decided to keep her. She had another sinking spell, her heart slowed way down and she passed out. They wanted to keep her longer for more observations…. I’m not thankful that she had another sinking spell, but I’m thankful she’s in a place where she can get some care that I am unable to provide.

Joe carefully made his way back home, and we settled in for the night. I slept most of yesterday, propped up with pillows, tissues and my phone and last night was more of the same….propped up, sleeping, resting to let my body fight this off naturally, because that is how we build up our immune system.

People that have read my blog know that I am unvaccinated, as is my mom. She chose to do what she wanted, I’m not going to force her unless I have hard proof that the vaccine actually helps. There is no proof that it helps. I know people who have been vaccinated & have had bad side effects, I know people who have gotten COVID who are unvaccinated and vaccinated. I was exposed twice to the Rona by people who were vaccinated, who both had a difficult time fighting the virus. Her neighbor lady – fully vaccinated, has been in the hospital for a full week with Covid…her vaccine didn’t help her. It’s our body, it’s our choice. I never got the flu vaccine either, because it doesn’t help….they are never sure which one it will be, so I figure, I will fight it off and let my body be the amazing machine it is, and do what it’s designed to do. Is it fun? Does it suck? Does it hurt? What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Mom feels that if it’s her time, then it’s her time. I’m hoping this isn’t it, they are saying her issues are not Covid related, but I think they are wrong. From studies I have read, the virus does mess with your electrical in your heart, it would make sense if her heart was being funky. But who am I to say anything? Also, they tested her for a UTI when she went in – which it didn’t show on her tests, so they thought it would be okay not to give her the antibiotics. Honestly people…? I had the call the nurse and have a conversation with them and clarify – that she indeed has one, she’s been taking medication for it and it’s not going to show on the test because she’s already being treated, but she needs to continue the treatment so she doesn’t build up resistance to the medication & so she gets rid of it entirely. I only know this because one of her doctors shared this information with me, which then I had to impart to the staff at the hospital. Uufda!

So, that’s an update for now. She’s resting comfortably at the hospital, we’ve texted a bit this morning. Let’s hope it continues in that direction. I hope you are all doing well. Thanks for stopping by. Until next time, hugs to you!

2 thoughts on “The Rona Has Arrived & an Update on Mom

  1. Hilary Friedrich

    Wow. What an ordeal. Glad you got it sorted out. And you are on the mend.

    Sending healing thoughts and prayers.

    Take care,




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