Last Ditch Effort….

Holy smokes, I’m exhausted! According to my phone…6,216 steps today between the milk house, garage, yard….and down the road to pick up some trash that flew out of someones car.

My cousin stopped by for a bit, she hasn’t been by much – it was nice to catch up with her for a while. We sat out on the patio in the amazing warmth of the Spring sunshine! I ended up with a farmers tan, next time I need to be sure to wear my tank top, this girl doesn’t need a farmers tan come summer time – that would look silly with my tank tops!

No new seeds today, I transplanted my carnations as a last ditch effort to hopefully save them. They appear to have issues, I am thinking they were too damp for too long, the roots were barely there, but there was a lot of growth on top. We will see how it goes.

I’m thinking the laundry room wasn’t the best place for them. The flats that have been in the laundry room haven’t been doing well. I can’t put my finger on why — too warm, too humid, no air flow, maybe the plants suffered due to the wood heat too hot too fast….not sure really. But I’m not sure how many are going to make it.

The ones that have been in the garage are doing well, it’s cool out there, they have warm bottoms, but cool tops which I hear promotes the growth of roots, even the Sweet Peas that were planted two weeks ago are doing really well – strong stocks out the planter. Unlike last time I planted them, when the popped out the top and was super leggy.

Speaking of Sweet Peas —— I put the ones that started out super leggy out in the trough today. Put some chicken manure (just a tiny bit) in a trench, then dirt, then the Sweet Peas, just as Floret Farms has on their web site – she did compost, but all I had was chicken stuff, so we ran with it. I only put out 8 of them for now, we will see what happens!

Joe is thinking the dirt can be tilled again by Thursday. As soon as we can do two more tills we can put in the Sweet Peas.

There is more progress on the greenhouse!

I will take pictures tomorrow and post them tomorrow night!

That’s it for now, thanks for stopping by! Have a very happy week!!

OH – I do have an announcement as far as the winners go! That will come in the morning!

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