Noisy Neighbors—updated!!

Just as I turned on the camera to get the geese, they stopped honking-until they got right over us! Then a set of swans passed over the top! Such a magical time of year!!

The frogs are amping up for the season, I’m told they can get so loud it’s difficult to have a conversation outside!! I’m looking forward to hunting for polywogs with my grandkids this year!

You’ll see all the blue wrappers in the back field, the conservation office has been here installing wetland mitigation for the last several weeks, it’s going to be different having the back 32 acres in trees!

They’ve done a great job-except my area in front of my trough is a bit messed up from trucks coming in & out, but Joe is thinking a bit of a till under & it will all work itself out!

Thanks for stopping by!! I hope you were able to enjoy this beautiful evening 💕🐸🌷🐸💕

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