There’s No Comparison….

Wowzers! What a day! I poked seeds in 10 more trays today! My tray count is up to 28, I’m running out of space for trays!

I’d say that the greenhouse is closer, but…..we had a busy day for visitors today. But, I wouldn’t trade a day of progress for a day of visitors. Life is too short to skip visiting with good people.

I called mom to tell her we had ducks bopping around out back. Told her to stop over if she wanted to. Before I hung up we had a good laugh about all the social experimentation going on that nobody is very good at! About an hour later she came rolling down the driveway, we walked around a bit took some pictures of the ducks out back, sat around and chatted while I played around in the dirt.

Then some friends of Joe’s stopped in, then another friend..there was 6 of us out on the patio, surrounded by all the trays, planting material & building supplies, sitting out in t-shirts & sunglasses – it was an amazing day!

It’s supposed to be nice again tomorrow, but we will only have half a day due to a birthday party for a special little 2 year-old tomorrow afternoon, but we will give it fits until then.

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