Diagnosis……Undercurrents…..Poppies… & Promises

Greetings on this chilly Wednesday morning, we have 35 degrees currently with light wind—the wind storm that was predicted has yet to show itself yet, it’s 8 hours overdue as of yet.   I’m okay with that – I piled a bunch of limbs from the recent tree trimming in the yard, I would be okay if my work wasn’t strewn all over the yard!

There’s certainly been a lot rolling around lately, I’m not entirely sure if this blog entry is going to be plant related…so you might want to run away now before it’s too late!

I’ve hesitated to write of mom’s recent diagnosis for several reasons, but I will try to sort it out as best I can without making her uncomfortable if she happens to read this entry. 

The test results came back from her neuropsychological evaluation with a diagnosis of Major Neurocognitive Disorder, as unspecified.  It is unspecified because she doesn’t have the markers of Alzheimer’s, so there is no exact reason for her memory loss, change of speech, confusion, change in handwriting, imbalance and mood change.  It is possible that the B-12 deficiency and the cardiovascular played a role to some degree, but we do not know for sure.

 It was a rather comprehensive test, it was three hours long, the lady who worked with mom was amazing and very patient as well as attentive and thoughtful.  I could not have asked for a better person to do the test with mom.

In addition to that new diagnosis we also have Neuropathy added to the list. 

These are not new to us, we have suspected both of them long ago, but it is certainly nice to have a doctor confirm them. 

As to where we go from here, we are unsure.  It is possible the damage from the B-12 deficiency might be reversed to some degree, but the damage from the cardiovascular is non-reversable.  For now, we’ve hired someone to come in and visit with mom once a week to do some cleaning, take her on errands and do a few things with her.  It adds another set of highly qualified eyes to the situation, it gives mom someone else to interact with, and lightens the load a bit for me. 

The doctor also recommended mom give someone POA and put a will in place sooner rather than later.  She felt as though it wasn’t necessary to come back and see her unless mom changes again, but then only within 12-18 months.  For now I put her back on different insurance, will do my best to be sure things are going well.

 Thankfully we also finally got her in to see a podiatrist, they too, were amazingly patient with her and very kind.  She is set up to go see them every two months. 

Right before Thanksgiving I took mom to a new hair stylist, she is a long time friend of Joe, very near and dear to the family.  I left her there to run an errand just minutes away.  I worried leaving her, mom has always said she would never cut her hair short – I figured surely mom would hold her own and not be talked into anything.  I arrived back to find mom’s hair shorter than I’ve ever seen it and panicked a bit – but mom was tickled pink about the situation and just went on-and-on about how she felt like a kid again.  We go back on Saturday!  The lady also did her make-up and fussed over her a bit.  I think it was a good mood booster, having someone new to talk to was nice. 

Mom has said a few times she feels like a cooped up dog, doing loops in the house, eating junk and being bored.  Her fine motor skills have been a challenge to pick up the things she used to do-sewing, crossword puzzles, crafting, puzzles….the doctor did send some suggestions that we will dive deeper into as the new year gets underway.  The person coming in to help will also be able to address some of that boredom and find new ways to keep her entertained. 

We certainly are in a better place than we were last year at this time with her health, I do believe that stress and depression play a big role in this also.  We will see how things go and make adjustments as time goes on.

Which brings me on to the next topic on my brain.  This holiday season seemed to carry a certain undercurrent of sadness.  Happiness was certainly abundant, I was able to see my kids and grandkids, and small visits to other parts of the family, but the heartache of broken promises, loved ones we have lost and the reality of the situation with mom made it difficult for that happiness to be the main focus.  I have no complaints, but it certainly was evident, and I felt ashamed for being sad, but also so very happy at the same time.  The lovely human condition.  I will not go into great detail about the heartache, it’s best to focus on the positive and the happy.  I’m sure the current situation of the pandemic and political climate also played a role, we aren’t living in a vacuum—nothing exists on it’s own. 

As I’ve been writing, the winds have kicked up to 14 mph, so maybe that windstorm is near. 

I did order some poppy seed, I had a lot of fun with the seed pods this year from the smaller poppies, I’m hoping to grow bigger ones to have on hand for the dried flower arrangements.  They all say they are easy to grow, but they are lies—all lies lol!!  And sadly most do not do well in flower arrangements, but I’ve discovered they do make excellent subjects for photo opps & my daughter loves them!  It’s been fun seeing the love of flowers blossom in her, she’s not certain she wants anything to do with growing them, but she’s been having fun learning about the different names, colors, textures and qualities of the flowers I grow. 

This one seemed particularly fun to try!! Visit their site for other fun seeds! Free shipping & free packet of random seeds with each order!

I send off my early payment to the wholesaler today.  I’m still thinking I’m a bit nutty to take on this many seedlings, but if I sell at least half of it, I will break even in the process.

I’ve promised myself that I will not put more than 4 trays in the house – the nice thing about this year – I’m having a baby shower for my daughter, so the house needs not to be full of seedling tables and lights, I can keep it down to a dull roar in the laundry room and things will be just fine.  I was going to try and make it a full month before any seed landed in dirt, but I think there might be a few at the end of January that need to go in soil.  I’ll check my list a few more hundred times and see how that goes.  After the baby shower in early February, things could really break loose, but again, I will try to keep it down to four trays.  Technically, I could do eight trays in the laundry room…we shall see!

I hope all is well with you, and your holidays were not depressing and terrible.  Until next time my friends, hugs to you. 

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