Success….Champions….Repeat or Not

Greetings to you on a very early Monday morning-1 a.m. for me. Sleep is being elusive tonight-maybe too much of the nog-or too much of the butterscotch liquor….or not enough 😜! I hope all is well with you and yours.

The end of the year is always a good time to reflect & process. What works, what doesn’t, what to fix, what to toss out…those sorts of thoughts.

First…things that work….hearing positive things always makes me feel better about my efforts!! Some warm vibes that have been sent my way this growing season….there certainly have been others, but i would need to do more digging & its late, so for now here are a few kind thoughts…


Flowers to do again by seed:

  • Strawflowers-they love it here, they dry well & everyone loves them!
  • Honeywort-they love it here & I love them!
  • Bells of Ireland-they love it here, dry well, very hardy, everyone loves them!
  • Yarrow-same as above
  • Amaranth-of all sorts & colors for the above reasons

Flowers not to do at all:

  • Heliotrope-not to be used in bouquets
  • Stained Glass Flower-not good to use in bouquets, though they certainly were very pretty!
  • Agastashe-at least not the type I planted-didn’t get as bushy as I was hoping…maybe try again & see if the nitrogen & lime help?
  • Gromps-maybe a different year? Warmer weather? Are they really worth the effort?
  • Apple of Peru-just an odd plant…not a huge fan
  • Chinese-forget-me-notsβ€”I didn’t do them this year, and probably won’t bring them back ever, they are quick to come & go, leaving me with a mess of sticky seed pods!

I’m looking forward to seedling sales again, perhaps I’ll even have an official day & not use the road side stand due to theft? I’m also looking forward to my succulent event in April!

Definitely do more dried flowers & wreath events!

I’m not doing seed bouquets-lots of work-not sure if anyone had success with them either.

Definitely selling Sweet Pea Seeds again! I saved a ton again this year!

I truly hope you are well & ready to take on a new year. I’m not a fan of New Year’s Resolutions, but if I were I’d work on my inner voice being more confident, kinder & gentler. Do you have any resolutions for the new year? Do share-I’d love to hear about them!

Until next time-hugs to you πŸ’–πŸŒΈπŸ’–

Who knew the rosehibs at the back of the property were prettier then then ones out on the lane?! We picked these today For the centerpieces we are donating to the food bank this week πŸ’–

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