Out of Order & Unintended Consequences

Hello there! Hope all is well with you this fine Thursday afternoon!

My grandson celebrates his second birthday today, he’s currently out of the state – which has been VERY difficult for this grandma -even Joe has been having a hard time with it. But, Jaxson is in a nice warm sunny place with his mom and dad and sister, hopefully mom & dad are recharging their batteries and doing well! It’s amazing how unsettling it is to have them so far away, I know there are many grandparents that live that way, maybe I am just odd and I just need to get over it!

Anyhow, on with the new news for the seeds….

Turns out planting in TP tubes isn’t a good idea, unless you’d like to grow a colony of fungus! I am not one that likes fungus all that much, so I tossed them out. I tried to save some of the flowers from the tubes, but do not have high hopes for them. It was an experiment…that failed….live and learn — no tp tubes – stick to the plastic, reuse, recycle, reduce!


I’m not going to lie, my planting schedule is all messed up….since I’m taking up space & time with the things I’ve never grown, the things that I need to be growing are not in yet. I didn’t realize my window for one thing (yarrow) was supposed to be sooner than later, and my little experiment with the less than worthy little stuff wasn’t really needed. It took up an entire flat on my heat mat under my light….unnecessarily. Once again…live and learn. Don’t get too overzealous if the greenhouse isn’t ready, don’t try to push things or try new things if the greenhouse isn’t ready!! Furthermore…..most certainly don’t go furniture shopping that’s going to spur a quick bedroom remodel – which it was super quick – taking up my greenhouse guy’s time! Unintended consequences of getting a new bedroom set–my greenhouse isn’t ready yet. I know full well, that everything will be okay, but it still brings me a bit of stress!!

Joe has done a beautiful job of repainting the room, and redoing the floor – more than I could ever have hoped for. We chose resolute blue for the walls and a nice gray oak floor.

Old Carpet — new flooring!
New wall color with old floor

It’s going to be odd not having carpet, but with our German Shepard coming in and out the door covered in dirt was just a bit too much for the carpet we had in there. Our furniture was only supposed to take three weeks-our mattress & frame is being delivered tomorrow (right at the three week mark), our sleigh bed isn’t being delivered until the 20th and the dressers and night stands not until April or May some time. In the mean time, I purchased new sheets and duvet cover, and have plans for some sheer white curtains. I’m excited to see it all in place! We have been talking about it since we got married back in 2018-so it hasn’t been super long. We wanted to purchase a bedroom set for our wedding present to each other, but it just took a while to find the RIGHT one! Strangely the one we finally decided on, we had looked at before we even got married, we’ve come full circle. I had it in my mind that it was too much of a red, but when we went back to it, it wasn’t at all how I had remembered it. I’m not loving the hardware, but that is an easy fix. Turns out I do not have a picture of that on my phone – I will post one when it all gets put together–in May lol!! Maybe I will post one of the bed by the end of the month??!!

Back to gardening…..the latest seeds in the soil are Yarrow, Celosia- Ruby Parfait, Statice and Heliotrope. The Yarrow and Helitrope have a long time to maturity, hopefully they make it. The Helitrope has a really low germination, so I added a few extra seeds per cell. I only have 18 of each — ugg!! ((but honestly how many do I NEED!!)) That’s all the room I have for now….and who knows what is going to grow or not grow….just toss some seeds in and see what happens!

Speaking of tossing in seeds, it sounds like I might take a giant chance and toss in Poppy Seeds in the tulip beds, I read some place it is a good use of Spring beds….see if I can get brave enough to just sprinkle seeds and let mother-nature do the magic?!

I’m opting for seed sprinkling Poppy seeds, because the particular type of Poppy I bought, doesn’t like to be transplanted, nor do a few other things that I might just sprinkle out there. And Joe is really talking up the idea of just taking seeds along on our walks and sprinkling them here and there…!!

My Wedding Bells, Balloon Flowers, and Canterbury Bells are all doing well. I don’t think they will go into the garden and take up planting space, also they might all come back depending on how cold it gets, so it would be nice not to have to plant them next year, so they can’t go into the garden area because it gets tilled up.

My Salvia, Chinese Lanterns, Honesty, Verbena, Petunias, Snap Dragons, Delphinium, Geraniums, Alyssum and Sweet Peas, are all chugging along. I’m a bit worried about one kind of Cress, one is doing well, but the other not-so-much. Don’t even get me started on the Lisianthus. I’m thinking that will not be a do again. I knew it when I planted it, but I did it anyhow-gave into peer pressure! I think I have 20 of the 75 seeds I planted, which I’m sure will dwindle as the season goes on. I’m not entirely sold on the situation either….I think they are a one and done type thing – not one of my favorite type of flowers, but I’m told they are stunning. If I fall in love with them, I know I can buy plugs next year.

After taking my class last week, my focus shifted a bit, looking at the world through a florist filter-who am I to claim I am a farmer florist? Is there certain criteria for that sort of thing….do I even come close to being either of those things? I’ve always loved to grow, nurture and care for flowers, food, herbs – I’ve always dreamed of having a green house, I love to try new things and play, but farmer florist? Oh how the self-doubt likes to creep in at these moments!

This was a rather long post today, I hope you didn’t fall asleep half-way through today! Have a great rest of your week, and be sure to enjoy your weekend!! We are planning a trip up to Canada to visit a bird sanctuary mom & Joe both enjoy. Bye for now….

One thought on “Out of Order & Unintended Consequences

  1. Lisianthus are tricky. Getting plugs is the way to go, especially if you are short on space because the seed time is so long. They are such a gorgeous, and especially long-lasting cut, and that’s crucial. Your customers may buy once because your flowers are lovely, but if they aren’t conditioned properly, and last a long time once she takes them home, she won’t come back no matter how pretty they are. Sprinkle that poppy seed in your tulip bed, and larkspur, too! DO it NOW! My grandkids live in Germany, so count your blessings that yours are so close!

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