Fame…but no Fortune

Greetings! I hope this week has found you rested and peaceful. I hope the scare of the COVID-19 isn’t too scary in your part of the world.

I received a text yesterday from my aunt, she seen an article in the local paper about Double J Flower Ranch….turns out it was a great article, but they messed up on the pictures.

The author told our story nicely, there are a few facts a bit mixed up about things, but nothing of much consequence.

I’ve received some emails and some text messages about the article, but nothing business related. I’m guessing it will not increase business- possibly awareness and connection with other flower farmers maybe – but we are not in it for the money – we enjoy what we do, and it brings us together. I can go on and on about the benefits of growing a garden, good for the environment, bees, humming birds, it’s good to be outside, it’s good to move around and use your body, flowers add beauty, fresh food is good for your soul and body….but most people know all of that stuff!

My daughter was super excited that the farm was featured in the paper, I thought it was cute – the older she gets the more she surprises me. She’s 23 now, in college, trying to figure life out, should I tell her that it takes a while to figure it out, and even then when you think you have it put together, it changes? Naw, she’ll get there on her own, kids don’t listen to us anyhow, we have no credibility when it comes to life lessons!!

I know our grandbabies love the gardens and yard….I sure miss those peanuts. I hope they get back soon so they can see the tulips they helped grandma & grandpa plant! My 4 year old grand-daughter loves to help grandpa in the orchard & ride the tractor and the 2 year old little boy thinks grandpa is pretty cool 🙂

There is some news to report on the goings-on, but it’s a lot, and I have some sorting to do before I report much. We are supposed to be hit with a Nor-Easter this weekend….really cold temps, high winds – not very conducive to planting Zinnias or transplanting petunias…so we shall see what happens. The nine flats I planted last weekend have NOTHING going on, but it could be due to the cold, which could be a good sign of strong healthy root growth, and it’s super early-not to mention we don’t have lights on them yet….so what was I expecting anyhow?!!

I have a shipment of Lisianthus plugs arriving next week, it was going to be a bit tricky with timing because I was supposed to be out of town for work, but they canceled that due to health concerns. The sooner this can go away the better!

Stay warm, dry and healthy my friends. I’ll update soon with all the fun things going into soil soon.

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