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Bucket of Color August 15, 2019

Happy Thursday morning! It’s 3:46 in the blessed AM here, and I’m awake…not because I really want to be, but because I’m preparing to go to the hospital to join a club….where to become a member you have to give up a certain part of your anatomy – no worries, it’s not at all an important one, but it is none-the-less part of me that will be missing!

I’ve met several people who are members of this club, all have assured me that it is well worth it and there is no reason to be concerned! They’ve told me the pain and suffering was lessened and recovery was simple, and everyone that I’ve met had the easier of the two surgeries, so I’m hoping I will be just like everyone else, and get into this club quickly and easily.

It is only supposed to take three tiny incisions, one hour under the knife, one hour in recovery and back home the same day.

It’s my poor little gallbladder, it has been busy making stones, it’s only supposed to be holding the bile, but apparently my brain is not the only creative thing in my body, apparently my gallbladder has been making large masterpieces of stone and storing it up…..not sure why – but it’s been busy, and it has to come out- sooner than later the doctor said – so here we go, check in time is 5:30….surgery is at 7:10.

Sadly, the recovery time is 4 weeks with no lifting over 10 pounds, did I mention I have grand-babies that weigh well over 10 pounds and I like to grab them and toss them in the air as they giggle with delight? Also, there’s no excessive bending over – um – the garden….the flowers….who’s going to pick the flowers and help pull weeds? Arggg….get this darn thing out of me so I can get on with things!!

That’s best case – if I have to have the full incision, I have to be two to three nights in the hospital – let’s hope that’s not the case because I have to go back to my real job next Wednesday…..

So, I’m awake – contemplating what this surgery will mean to me in six hours….freedom from discomfort of a busy gallbladder…4 weeks of missing out on tossing my grands around while they giggle and wiggle…..4 weeks of missing out on freely going into the garden and picking flowers….which in the big picture of things – honestly, is a small price to pay, if those stones get to rolling around in there and get infected it could get bad (not just in the physical sense, but also the financial sense) – so, let’s deal with it early and get it over with and hope for the best!

Thanks to those members I’ve met, you’ve been really welcoming and very positive….I’m sure the price of admission (again, both physically and financially) will be better now when we have the time and place to deal with it, versus waiting until it’s a crisis!!

Thank you to my sweet husband Joe, for taking me to the surgery center and patiently waiting….waiting….I’ll do my best to be a good patient and follow the directions to take it easy so we can go on more adventures!

Hope you have a wonderful rest of your week. Much love….jade

2 thoughts on “Exclusive Club Member

  1. Ridgely

    Oh my gosh, I’m so sorry, but also glad it’s an easy fix! Sorry about the timing, with flowers and all. Can family help out with flower picking? BTW loved the pic of the tree frog, I love those little guys! How fun that you get to see them often! Praying for a quick recovery! Xxoo

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