Ark Building…..Record Years…The Today’s Show…..& My First Bouquet

Happy Thursday evening my friends! Goodness me – what a “summer” we’ve had so far. I think I see Bruce over across the road building an ark as I type! The puddles of water in my garden are no different than the ones in their garden. They at least have their food crop in – this crazy lady here only has in her flowers. Of which are currently just standing out there shivering in this cold, wet rainy slog. So much different than last year!!

I was trying to remember when we ever had such a wet start to summer – I remembered in 2000 — I was trying to set up a tent in the backyard to have a sleep over with the kids — and literally every weekend we tried to sleep outside — it RAINED — there was puddles in the tent, it was horrible! I’m guessing the kids wouldn’t remember it being 22 years ago, but I certainly do! Then we finally did get a weekend where it didn’t rain, but I couldn’t take the tent down because it rained a few days later, and it was too wet to take the tent down – it was a crazy cycle!

I do see four days in a row next week that doesn’t show any signs of rain – but we shall see how that holds up. I’ve only shared this home with Joe five years this year – and it seems like each of those years has been a record year (hey, isn’t that a country song šŸ˜‰ Heat, smoke, rain, floods, freezing, snow fall! I wonder when things will simmer down and even out? Speaking of record flooding…..we have a local librarian that made it to NY to be on the NBC Today’s Show, tomorrow morning! Be sure to click on the link and check it out, you might have to click on a few links, but that’s the one I have for now.

I was going to mention that I hadn’t blogged in a while, but the truth is, I blogged several days ago, but never published it. I might go back and post it after I post this one? It went on and on about me being super busy with all sorts of things – and I supposed after a while it gets a bit annoying reading about me being busy…’s the usual stuff. Work – which thankfully will be over come the 17th of June – 10 weeks off to enjoy clay, traveling, boating, grandkids, time with mom, time with friends and family before the circus comes back to town. Mom – yup, she was in the hospital again….she has been home for a few weeks now, and is doing great.

If you want to read more about all that junk – you can certainly check it out if you would like.

We had the grands over last weekend for a sleepover in the trailer (just the two oldest stayed overnight)- parked in the front yard!! We had a grand time – we made hotdogs over the fire, and of course smores too! Even though it rained a bit, we still had a great time. Riding bikes, eating yummy treats, crafts, playing music with papa Joe & uncle Bruce – French toast in the trailer for breakfast with grandmas strawberry jam….it was a special weekend for sure!

I was hoping to do the Thirsty Badger Market this week, but my body had other plans. I was in bed all day yesterday with a tummy bug – not sexy at all – not one bit really. I finally pulled myself half-assed together and went outside at 4 o’clock to stick some cosmos in the mud so they could have some sort of a chance to grow – we shall see how it goes.

Sadly, I didn’t have one single gladious survive the winter – I am so bummed about this – and sadly I only bought two bags – so I think I only have 20 to put in the ground. I will never make that mistake again, I would much rather have too many (which really – is that a thing?) than not enough.

I did make my first bouquet for my biggest fan – she was very happy to purchase it – she’s been very patient with standing by while the garden gets up and running.

What’s coming up….? Tomorrow I get to do clay with the 1st grade class I work with – so excited to see what they create! Sunday we have a birthday party to attend for an 18-year-old great niece, it will be nice to see family and eat some very yummy food!

Hopefully next time I post – there will have been some sort of sun?! Until next time my friends – stay warm and dry! Hugs to you.

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