Test Results….Storms….Nature of the Beast & Smell-A-Vision

Happy Friday! I hope all is well with you and yours!

I’m home today…with a bit of a cold. I mentioned to one of my co-workers that I had a sore throat yesterday, and that we had the grandkids over this weekend who were full of snot and goofiness, then the co-worker said it would be best not to come to work tomorrow and get a COVID test…..my first ever COVID test….and I had to miss a day to wait for results – that came back negative of couse. But, yes I do have a slight cold, stuffy nose, sore throat……but nothing to shut down the world for- I know, better to be safe….but when is it completely safe? There are so many things that are unsafe, but we do them every day, but now when someone gets a cold we tell them to stay home in the .001% chance it’s going to be something they will die from? I could go on about this topic, but it’s still too hot to even attempt with some people, so I will let sleeping dogs….sleep….

Sunset after the storm

We had a wonderful storm blow through last night! Dumped over a quarter inch of rain…much, much needed! According to my weather station at Weather Underground the winds gusts were up to 20 yesterday. I’m thankful I didn’t put out my Amaranth and Zinnia babies yet, it wasn’t time – but I really, really wanted to….but I hung in there and stuck to my plan! It’s super chilly this morning, they woudlnt’ be very happy out there right now. It will be okay! Maybe I will get some things out in the ground today? Or, I will try to take it easy and not push myself too far…because I see it’s supposed to be chilly for a while yet. But the preseeded Sunflowers really need to get into the ground, and I see Mother Nature has already pushed up several volunteers, so I’m hoping it is okay to put them out.

I do need to water in the greenhouse, and prepare for Mother’s Day. I’ll be gifting a lot to my daughter-in-law, daughter, mom, sisters, sister-in-law, my mom’s friend and nieces. Always nice to share!

I had an old friend text me the other day asking for 11 flower bouquets for staff appreication week….I think I could have pulled it off with a trip to the wholesaler for flowers, but I offered her little fuchia plants instead, wrapped in burlap all cute and stuff. She liked that idea better, so she came and picked those up last night.

I have four bouquets to do for tomorrow. After the wind and rain I’m sure my lilacs are done for, but I went to pick up some Solomon Seal from Tonya yesterday, she also had some tulips that she said I could have to give them a try. I’m heading to Caryolyn’s to get tulips this afternoon after visiting the wholesaler, to add to the marquerite daisy plants that I bought from the nursary the other day that will be going into the perennial garden soon. I do have some very sparse growth here and there (sage, ,mint, bachelor buttons, greenery of other sorts that I have no idea what the name is) around the place to put in the bouquets, but nothing major yet, but that is the nature of the beast. I do have one Stock flower with purple blooms on it, in addition to some Luniaria, but I don’t want to give up the Luniaria becasue I want those papery seed pods for dried flowers later this year!

I best get a move on, I had someone send me a message on Facebook last night looking for some Dahlias. The gave me a list of what they wanted, but didn’t tell me when they were going to be here. I’m not sure what kind of operation some people think I run around here, but goodness!

I’m not sure I have much of anything left to sell really….but a trip out to the greenhouse will help with figuring that puzzle out! I wish smell-a-vision was a thing, it smells so good in that greenhouse, I wish you could smell it too!

Thanks for stopping by! Hope you have a fabulous day, until next time my friends, hugs to you!

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