Growing Pains….Visitors….& the “In Crowd”

Good morning on this lovely, delicious Sunday morning. It might be rainy and a bit breezy, but it’s a good day. Mostly because so many of our chores are done, we don’t have to be outside, and we are still relaxing and snuggled into bed. Lazy, lazy, lazy!

I haven’t made up my mind yet if I am going to switch soils, but its a big possibility that I will call someone to come buy it and get it off my hands. I do have things coming up, but goodness, the germination time on the sweet peas was nearly two weeks – of course how quickly do they really need to come up. If anything maybe this soil will teach me a few things about being patient.

Even though Joe asked me not to use the fish fertilizer in the house, I did it anyway. I thought…”honestly…how bad can it be?”. Well it was bad, horrible actually, but after three days it seems to be clearing out. Our guests yesterday didn’t seem to notice, even when I asked them they said they couldn’t smell anything – it was my daughter – I’m sure she would have mentioned something!

I’m actually soaking my sweet pea seeds — why? I’ve never had to do it before, but it’s okay, it’s not that big of a deal, it’s just difficult for me to try new things and branch out. I just know what works here, and I should know better than to try to do something different. Change is difficult for me, but often times it works out for the better….so I will be open to trying it for now. I’m not going to like the uncomfortable feeling it gives me, but that just means I’m growing.

Might as well soak my seeds in fancy glasses!

I had a visitor yesterday that came over to check out my operation and ask me some questions. Super nice lady, just getting started in the seed starting stages of her dream of growing cut flowers for fun and for a bit of money. She started with the most difficult things to germinate, we all have to start someplace and learn, but it can be super discouraging if things don’t germinate right away. We had a great visit, she’s invited me over to see her place as well. I sent her off with some seeds to play with and some ideas to try.

I’ve met all sorts of people doing this flower farming situation – it’s been a mixed bag. Some people are super inviting and very open to chatting about this and that, but there are some very closed people. For whatever reason, maybe they just aren’t people persons, maybe they don’t know how to be warm and inviting – as a new grower it can be off-putting for someone that is trying to start a little hobby farm. I get that people can see it as competition, but really….there are over 200,000 people in our county, certainly there is always more room for flowers. There is enough room for all of us, each of us have our own style that might not be right for one person-but totally right for another. We don’t all have to be best friends, but I’ve found some people to be downright rude-and very secular-almost like high school – the popular girls always giving people the cold shoulder if they aren’t in the “in-crowd”. Can you tell which group I was in? Do you suppose the “in-crowd” even knows that they are snobby-and what makes one popular and not the other? I remember looking at some of the girls and thinking…”what in the heck….?” I never belonged to any group-I had friends in all groups, stoners, preppy, nerds, and loaners….those were my groups in high school. I’m curious as to what groups others had in high school – and which ones my readers belonged in. Leave me a message….it will be a fun experiment to see where people land.

Have a fabulous week, until next time my friends hugs to you!

Until next time my friends hugs to you! Have a fabulous week! 🥰

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