Fever, Impressions, Voyages & Distractions

Happy Saturday! I’m not sure what the weather is looking like today, but I know it’s round two for the Thanksgiving situation here, and I need to go have a repair done on my tooth if the dentist gets back to me, so I’m thinking that our tulips with feet will not make it into the ground today either. Tomorrow does not look good either – nor does Monday or Tuesday.

The grandkids & Joe did help plant 30 bulbs last weekend, about 200 more to go?!

With winter upon us, my desire to craft & creat is strong-my daughter & daughter-in-law have rekindled my enthusiasm for my Scan N Cut…and encouraged me to try heat transfer vinyl! The distraction still hasn’t been strong enough to keep me from eyeballing the seed box!

Combining my HTV with my embroidery designs is going to be fun!

I was out in the garage the other day and suddenly had the urge to stick a seed in dirt – the fever is creeping in early this year!  Kind of makes me chuckle….here I am trying to cut back, and I get the urge to plant when planting is at least three months away.  It will be here before we know it I’m sure!

I’ve had people showing interest in next years seedlings and have my first Spring and Summer subscribers already signed up. 

I’ve received a few messages from people thanking me for their calendars.  They took some work, I was so very excited about them, and I thought my letter was super cute.  Apparently, I need to lower my expectations….  I did have very delightful responses from two people that were very heartwarming, it’s always nice to hear some appreciation! I did raise my prices considerably, but this is a lot of work, and I’m not in the habit of doing things for people who really don’t appreciate the effort or energy it goes into growing the flowers I grow and sell.  I chatted with other local flower farmers, I was well below their numbers, so I decided to raise mine.  Not only for me, but it makes it a bit fairer to the others, it doesn’t do anyone any good to be low balling the competition.  There are other’s who are even higher than I am, but they have more overhead than I do, and a much bigger farm then I do.

I don’t expect people to know right now if they are going to sign up for the subscriptions, but I get the feeling that some people were not impressed with the calendars-maybe it was the price increase. I still have two in my car that I need to deliver! One of them to one of my biggest fans….Linda in Lynden!!

Maybe I can do that today when I have to go in to get my crown fixed – it just fell out last night….ugg!!  It’s a temporary one, but honestly it didn’t go well when it was being installed, the competency level of the hygienist that did it is questionable to me. 

On Monday we are taking possession of a boat – not just any boat – it’s thee boat that Joe has been searching for…longing for….and waiting for! It is one of the reasons why I wanted to cut back on the flower farm, the boat opens up a whole new world for us, the grandbabies, our families our life experiences. Joe and his brothers grew up on the salt water, it’s been beckoning him back for many years, and we finally caught up with the dream. Boating trips with his brother and friend are high on the agenda as well, it’s exciting times for sure! I’m hoping we can find a good solution to my seasickness, obviously being out on the lake will not be an issue, and jetting out to do Island hops will not be a major issue, but I’m not sure how well I will hold up to an 8 hour day on the boat, thankfully Joe has people for that and I can stay on land and craft or plant while he goes out on those kinds of days. We are very much looking forward to our first voyage, as well as many, many more to follow.

Our new boat 💖💖💖 I believe Joe has a name picked out….we’ll see if it sticks!

While we were away looking at the boat yesterday, another distraction showed up at our door – my Bella Box, full of fun sewing projects and fun stuff, I just opened it this morning in bed-it’s almost like Christmas morning!! I hope your weekend is getting off to a great start. Until next time my friends, hugs to you!

My Bella box from Kimberbell Designs 💖

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