Cozy Fires….Organizing…& Shut Downs

Good evening on this soggy, stormy and dark autumn night! We are all snuggled in, sitting on the couch cozy and warm by the fire place. Love stormy nights!

A few updates….nothing major as far as planting goes, we still need to get the bulbs in the ground soon….maybe this weekend when the grand kids are here! They sure enjoyed it last year-but they missed out on all the pretty flowers they worked so hard for. Maybe they will be here next year to see all the pretty color!

I’ve updated the 2021 flower page – super excited about the line-up this year! I’m trying to put the links in, but as of right now – they are not working! Love technology!

I’ve been updating the shop page, lots to put on there still, but it’s coming along.

I’ve finished the year end letters and put them together with the customers gifts hoping to get them in the mail by Friday.

I packaged up a box of seeds and sent them off to Montana on Monday, hoping to get the second box sent out to Wyoming by Friday. I’m sending them to my cousins, they each have four kids that they are homeschooling, I thought some fun seeds from the flower ranch with their seed pods, and full color pictures would be a fun thing to share!

My cute little calendar that I use to put in dates and what-not was also printed off today on the home printer. Nothing too exciting, but getting things taken care of now – before the grandbaby arrives, before the seedlings arrive and before seeds need to go into dirt – it’s important to get stuff done that I can get done now instead of later. Getting organized now, will make things better in March. Marking things off the list is always nice!

Unfortunately we’ve been mandated to stay home again, not as bad as the first shut down in March – this one is a bit confusing! We can’t have people in our homes, cafes, bars and restaurants have all been closed again-but we can still shop for clothes, send kids to school, and shop for groceries. My daughter has decided not to take any chances and has taken a leave of absence at work at least until January 1st. Even her doctor had no advice for her as far as her risks go. However, my mom’s boy friends doctor had all sorts of dooms day news to tell the both of them when they were in – so they won’t be coming to Thanksgiving either. This certainly is an odd illness, so many different messages, things we can and can’t do – sometimes seems contradict itself at times. For now, this is what is happening, we shall see how it goes.

My cute little notebook from Vistaprint that matches the calendars!

Until next time my friends, have a wonderful rest of your week. Happy Thanksgiving!

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