Baby Advice…vs…Gardening Advice

I remember planting my first garden years ago, a whole different life time ago….

Each time I’d mention I was going to try gardening, someone had some sort of unsolicited advice for me.  And each time it was different, I never heard the same advice twice!!

Still to this day, it’s something that makes me chuckle, it’s very similar to walking around with a huge pregnant belly. It didn’t matter where I was or who I was with, I always heard some sort of advice on how to raise my baby, stories of someone else’s pregnancy or some sort of antidote about having babies.

When you look at the two side by side – having a baby & growing a garden – they truly do have many things in common, but most importantly it’s about new life!  Magical, mystical and often times a miracle!   Nobody really knows what either holds, what will happen, how it will all turn out, but everyone has memories and stories; it’s something that connects people to each other in a way that is unlike anything else.

I’m looking forward to hearing more advice, to making more connections, to sharing my own advice and having a few good laughs about all of it in the many years to come!

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