New Seeds!

My seeds arrived from Floret Flower farms yesterday! So exciting!! Pictures below!

Her packaging is so pretty & professional, they add such a nice professional touch to an already amazing business!!

I’ve unboxed them, sorted them, wrote them down in my planner, and tucked them away to rest until it’s time to start planting in the greenhouse (that’s not built yet!).

The nice thing about seeds from Floret – they come with instructions on when to start & how to do it all from planting to growing to cutting and displaying. But she doesn’t follow the usual recommendations, she’s planted these seeds with success in a small compact area, so I know I can plant them and be successful with my plans!!

Her book (picutred below) covers a lot of the same material and is beautifully written & has amazing photography for an added beautiful touch.  

These are special tins with seed collections in them for those of us who are still learning which flowers match best together.

This is the book my husband bought as a gift for our first Christmas together as a married couple that opened Pandora’s box for me.  

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