Bouquet Subscriptions & Special Orders

As of July 28th, I’m no longer taking subscription orders. Thank you so much to those people who believed in me and my business and bought subscriptions. You will be the first I notify next year when all this fun begins again in the Spring. The good news is, you will be forever locked in at first year prices for being such wonderful people! I’m looking forward to new flowers next year, and of course some of this year’s favorites!

I am still taking orders for whimsical center pieces, flower deliveries, and any other special orders! You can visit our photo gallery to see some of the wonderful flowers I’ve put together. Be sure to email me or call/text, or visit our road side stand while you are out and about!

Thanks for stopping by!


Q: What if I want a fresh market bouquet?

A: I will have fresh flowers at my road side stand daily, you can watch for updates on Facebook.  I will most likely have extras in my truck when I make weekly delivers, you can always contact me to check on availability of “extras”.  

Q: Do you do weddings or special events?

A: I do not do bridal bouquets or wedding party pieces, but I will put together vases or jars full of whimsical flowers for your special event as informal centerpieces. We can chat about your needs & wants to discuss flower requests & prices.

Q: Do you make deliveries?

A: There is a fee of $5-10 for personal deliveries depending on the location.

Q: How do I sign up or get more information?

A: Email your requests or questions to us at We will get back to you the next day at the latest

If you are here please take a moment to complete the survey, even if you haven’t purchased from Double J Flower Ranch, we still want to hear from you!!

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