Seed Starting….Clean-Up’s…Killing Snakes….Making Wishes….

Happy Wednesday night my friends! I hope all is well with you and yours!

We’ve had a wild ride with the weather the last several days, today is the topper! Lots of snow, but not sticking around much, it seems to come and go, the temps are hanging around the mid to upper 30’s. I see storms hitting all across the nation, our strange weather is just that – strange – but some of the storms sound rather terrifying! High winds, freezing temps, loads of snow – but I suppose they are used to that sort of thing.

The seed starting has began, and managed to get off to a great start even! The spotted bee balm has spouted rather nicely! Sweet peas are popping up, as well as snaps, asters and even those darn Bells of Ireland! I still have space left – but I don’t need to start anything else just yet. I’m not entirely sure what I’m planting next – but I did go through and organize the seeds. I have ONE table in the laundry room, with a heat mat and a grow light.

After I organized the seeds, I played with clay in the laundry room on the same table as the trays of seeds. But the glaze table is still sitting in the kitchen area – because my sister and niece were supposed to glaze over the weekend, but it didn’t work out. And since I will be doing some glazing next week, no need to pack it all up and then have to pack it all away, to only get it back out next week. However, in order to glaze next week, I need to create, and the table in the laundry room is a bit crowded now – insert face palm here…so I now have a table next to the dining room table with clay stuff on it. I’m not even going to try and convince you or myself that it is possible that I just stop creating. I honestly don’t think it’s possible, but perhaps, some day, it will not take up our living space. We aren’t tripping over it, we are able to still live with it in our space, do for now this is how things are going to be, until they can be different!

Hand built vases

I did start cleaning out the milk house to prepare for a move, but it’s going to take a bit of time and energy for me to move everything out to get it ready for the remodel. I also need to clean out the greenhouse, it turned in to a bit of a storage room for my craft fair tables and displays. I did clean up a few maxamillion sunflowers in the garden, strangely they are not growing yet, hubby and I found some fresh roots, but nothing green yet. The yarrow is putting on green, but that’s it for now. This time last year there was more green, so we shall see what that means for the growth of the garden this year. What’s super nice, is that I’m not growing for anyone but myself this year, so a lot less stress for sure!

Lot’s of birthday’s this month! Lily turns 2, and Jaxson turns 5! This is why I’m cutting back on my growing as well as my craft fairs. These kids will not be this age forever!

I was listening to a pottery podcast last week when I heard someone say that there’s time — she plans on living a long time, and she is not worried about getting all things in right now. I think there actually might be a side to this statement that perhaps I should embrace a bit more than my usual “life is short”. I often say life is too short….and find myself being super impatient about things outside my control. I think that might be why I dive head first into any sort of hobby I try and go at it “like I’m killing snakes”. I’m worried I won’t be able to do it all, I’m worried I’m going to run out of time. Perhaps I will be able to find a middle ground between those two, I work best with a deadline, I create best with a plan and a final destination, I function better when I know what to expect. I’m not super great at just letting things float along and let things just happen. I’m not much of a talker versus a doer, it’s always annoyed me when people just talk about things, and never actually move forward with things. I think I understand that some things take time, and I need to take that into account, however; I do not want to be that person that says….”I wish I had tried”…. or “I wish I could have….” or “If only”…

With all of this….I’m off to do some creating, I have a craft fair on March 18th, and of course I have plans and a goal! Thank you so much for stopping by. Until next time my friends – hugs to you!

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