Seedling Order……Seed Order….Clay Day & COVID Rants AGAIN

Beautiful sunset a few days ago

Good morning to you on this chilly Saturday. I hope this post finds you happy and healthy. It was a beautiful sight to see this morning at 3 a.m. – crystal clear, stars all around. I think it made it even sweeter that I’ve finally turned the corner with the flu – or was it COVID – whatever it was, it wasn’t how I wanted to spend two and a half days — feeling miserable, aches, pains, stuffy nose, headache. It’s almost 2 weeks to the day that I had COVID last year. I’m hoping it’s not an annual thing….

I have placed my order with Jolly Farmer – Dahlias, Wandering Jews, Fox Gloves, Petunias, and a patio combo pack this year rounded out my order. It is substantially smaller this year, but also a bit more packed full of things I will be able to sell. I was trying to figure out how to fill up my raised beds with color, I may have it figured out, but we shall see! It’s around 400 seedlings, but the dahlias are super easy to pot up, I’m thinking I can make quick work of them. We shall see what happens. Hopefully I will be able to find soil this year, the last few years have been super tricky with supply issues and demands – so we will see what happens. It will arrive the last week in March, plenty of time to get it taken care

My friend Carylon texted and asked if I wanted her to grow some Snap Dragons for me. I thought that would be awesome, the smallest order I can get from Jolly is 144, Lord knows I don’t need or want that many Snaps.

I still need to order some seeds – but I’ve been so busy with clay and now being sick that I haven’t had time. I need to investigate where I can find some Goditia seeds, I love them so much, but they are an usual flower, so it will take me a bit to track them down.

I’m looking forward to getting some of my own personal stuff glazed and ready for upcoming markets.

We lost a big chunk of our pink rose to the last silver thaw – goodness – mother nature can be cruel sometimes! I’m not sure how our new trees did, there will be a walk about the orchards soon to check on the fruit trees. There’s trimming that needs to happen in the orchard, then clean up after that. Joe is so good about all of that, I try to help as much as I can.

We did have a very lovely clay day – lots of people – maybe a bit too many, I’m going to have to limit it to six next time. Perhaps have the people here who have kids at one time, then the people who don’t have kids….I think it was overwhelming for some people. My guest bedroom was destroyed with the kids playing in there, I think that there will have to be some firm rules laid down for glaze day.

On a brighter note – everyone made some adorable gnomes, I’m so looking forward to seeing them glazed and finished. It looks like we’ve only had one issue, my daughter-in-laws bird feeder cracked right up the middle from drying too quickly.

I love how my 7 year-old granddaughter showed the table how to score and slip. Her little gnome was very impressive. Actually, each and every one is impressive to me. People ran with the creativity and took things in their own direction. I learned how to make them over at Hobble Creek Pottery, check out a few of her videos, she’s a spunky lady!

So, clay day was on Monday, we all went back to work Tuesday. One of my dear friends – who was also at clay day- called me while I was at work on Tuesday morning, completely unlike her, so I ducked into my tiny office to take the call. The poor dear was distraught and beside herself. In order to go back to work she had to take a COVID test, and she tested positive. She felt guilty and so ashamed and was terrified that she had gotten everyone sick. She didn’t even know she was sick – she had absolutely no clue that she was sick.

And the rant begins…..

And now here she was blaming herself for something that was completely out of her control. The media and the government made it very clear during the pandemic that it was up to each other to keep your neighbors healthy. It was up to us to stop the spread, slow the spread, be kind and mask up. It completely took ownership of my health away from me, and placed it squarely onto the shoulders of my neighbors or the government since they were mandating a controversial vaccine that is now proven to be unstable, dangerous and ineffective.

Unfortunately, I just received word that one of my other friends at clay day is also experiencing illness. She is fully vaccinated, up-to-date with all of her boosters, and even has the flu shot. It’s a bummer that she is sick too, as is my sister-in-law. It’s so unfortunate. Not fun to deal with this at all, but our bodies were designed to fight off these sorts of things. So, it is something we must deal with and sort through so our bodies can get stronger for things coming down the road. I think my sister-in-law got sick last time from our grand kids, she might never come over here again…..sorry Jill!!

My friend is a normal healthy person, both mentally and physically. I can only imagine what damage this message has had on people who are not all that mentally stable. How dare the media and government place blame on my neighbor if I get sick. It’s playing that victim card – ultimately, it is my responsibility to keep myself healthy- it is your responsibility to keep yourself healthy. I have no control over what germs you are carrying and you have no control over what germs I am carrying. If you don’t want to get sick – stay home. If you don’t want to get into a car accident, drive safely, follow road rules – or stay home because things happen, outside our control.

It’s just such a sad state of affairs when someone is that devastated that something happened outside her control and feeling responsible for everyone else’s health because the media – ran by the government – ran a shame campaign to guilt everyone into playing the victim card if something bad happened to them.

Shame is a powerful emotion, the churches have used this tool for many, many centuries, but we will save that topic for another day.

Until next time my friends – hugs to you – keep mindful of who you blame your problems and failures on. As Joe says, for that one finger you are pointing at that person you are putting the blame on there’s several pointed back at you.

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