A Follow Up to Foolish Idiots

Happy Friday my friends – I’ve had a rough week, not feeling super well, feeling a bit stressed, and a put pushed to the side. I’ve managed to take a few walks with hubby in the cold – which is a life saver really, without those walks I’d be a puddle of a mess hunched over, bundled up, rolled into a bundle on the couch drooling into a pillow while I watched white trash tv….honestly, it does happen from time to time! But I do suppose humans are not machines, we are not put here to produce and do ALL the time, and our ancestors did not invent the dishwasher & washing machine for me to be stressed about not having “enough time” to do the things that make me happy! Beating myself up over things out of my control is not the best use of my energies – but alas, I continue to do so.

Anyhow, I wanted to take a moment to tell you about an experience I had that renewed my hope in humanity yesterday. After writing such a dim post yesterday about Foolish Idiots, I felt that I needed to share my experience I had when I went to see a lady about a sewing machine she had on Craigslist.

I walked into her studio and instantly felt welcomed. She had a studio mate who was sitting at her cutting table, who smiled brightly when I walked in. No leers of distrust, no leers of someone else in her space, just pure acceptance and gratitude that someone had stepped into her studio. I asked for the lady to whom I was there to see, in a sing-song voice she called through the studio letting her know I was there.

The lady bustled out to greet me, she knew I was coming because I had been keeping in touch with her via phone. She was bright, welcoming, asking me how my day was…it was so refreshing, I felt so at home in their cozy studio. Very unlike my first experience in the clay studio I was chatting about yesterday – the first time I walked in there, it was cold, disarming, and just odd. I get that not everyone has the knack to make people feel at home, but honestly, some people just need to take a few minutes to check on how they greet people.

She took time to show me the machine, show me the owners manual and the binder that she had taken time to put together and asked me questions. She offered her business cards, her advice about this and that, listened to me boast about my daughter-in-law and sent me on my way with words of encouragement and an invite to come back any time I wanted.

It really lifted my spirits! Of course time with the granddaughter last night playing with toys, big boxes and listening to her giggle was also a big help! So was going out to dinner with my hubby, daughter and granddaughter! It was a very pleasant Thursday night-which apparently I really needed!

Tomorrow is Lefsa day at our house – the family gets together, makes a pile of yummy lefsa, share some laughs, take some pictures, have some chili or sweet and sour meatballs & to take home some lefsa to enjoy. We will not be hosting a Thanksgiving dinner this year, the kids comment of “we don’t need to make a big deal or fuss over holidays dinners” was heard and accepted. Last year we had Pizza, Presents and Pastry a week before Christmas, apparently they do not want big fusses….I happen to like big dinners, and making a fuss, maybe they will come back around to it in time? We will be headed south to Joe’s niece’s for a nice Thanksgiving dinner. I’m hoping mom will join us, but we will see what’s happening with her.

I received confirmation that my order finally shipped from Tacoma – so excited to get a couple of new glazes, and replace the glazes that I’ve ran out of that I love. I’ve been listening to a few different pod casts that involve pottery – it took me a bit to get used to them, but I’m learning some things. For Flux Sake and Wheel Talk. Very interesting perspectives, sometimes a bit mean to people are new to the field, I get it, these people have been around the block a few times, but really, they need to take into consideration that nobody was born knowing anything about this field – and they too were once the dunderhead who asked silly questions, who made silly mistakes -but had great enthusiasm for the pottery world and trying something new!

I hope whatever your weekend holds for you – you take a moment to make someone feel welcome, heard, seen, appreciated – like every human should – for the sake of humanity my friends- take care. Until next time, hugs to you.

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