Foolish Idiots

Greetings friends – I hope all is well with you…..things are moving right along over here – how in the world did it get to be the 17th of November?

I wanted to give an update on the latest craft fair I attended and where things are standing as far as my opinion on who I am as a person, potter, artist and whatever else sorts itself out while I’m typing.

The latest craft fair, at New Life Fellowship, went reasonably well. A lot of people stopped in to check things out, a few people purchased, but I didn’t make out like a bandit – which isn’t my goal of course – make back the booth fee, make some friends, get rid of some pottery so I can make more, then go home. It was fun reconnecting with old friends, meeting new people and finding some treasures & I even won a cute little bunny & some yummy smelling soap!

I did manage to throw more great vessels with my new OH6 clay, that I’m looking forward to getting into the kiln and finishing up for Christmas presents. Pictures will come, but it will most likely be the end of the year just in case someone stumbles upon my blog that just might be getting one of those vessels from Santa! Don’t want to ruin the surprise!

I made a massive error when ordering some glazes, I could have ordered through the main studio in Tacoma or through the local one with a slight mark-up – which is totally fair, and I was absolute on board with, the local studio told me to email them that night, but when I got home I wasn’t sure which email to use, so I emailed them through their web site.

I waited, and waited to hear back from them, when I finally reached out via the other email, they informed me I had sent me email to the wrong email address and the order wasn’t placed, but I could wait three weeks until the next one went in. This in-and-of-itself wouldn’t be a big deal, but I’ve had nothing but “ugg” whenever I deal with the studio. I’m not going to sugar coat it – I’ve never felt welcomed in that studio, never felt like I belonged in the studio, never felt like I was much of a human being really – I’ve been made to feel a fool, an idiot, a wanna-be, less than, and unwanted any time I’ve gone in there to make a purchase. It had gotten a tiny bit better, but this last situation, just solidified that obviously, the owner of the studio has no issue with making me feel like an idiot. Thankfully two of the studio assistants are amazing, and honestly saved me from never returning – until now, I don’t like to say never ever, but I’m pretty damn sure I will never ever set foot in that studio again, which is super unfortunate, because they are the only studio in town that I can get things from – now I have to either order it and pay shipping, or I have to drive three hours through Seattle traffic….neither sounds very appealing to me really, but neither does being made to feel like a fool either, so I run with the traffic or paying shipping.

Those of you who know me, or have figured out by reading my blog a bit, I like to make friends, I like to feel part of a community – apparently- it’s not just me – it’s part of the human condition. It’s a thing, it’s part of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs…check it out! Apparently some people in this world – do not recognize it as being a thing. It’s not just the clay community, I seen it in the flower community also – for whatever freaking reason – people shut out other people – I’m now seeing it in the craft fair syndicate (is that a thing?) as well.

It’s just so odd to me that people go out of their way to make other people feel unwelcomed, unwanted, not enough, foolish or made to look like idiots. I understand people get busy, and I sometimes take things personally, but there are honestly some times when people are just downright rude & will purposefully close other people out of a circle.

While chatting with my daughter last night, I mentioned to her that I felt dumb because a guy that had said “yes” to having my product in his store, never emailed me back, and has yet to return my call from two days ago as a follow up to the email. She asked me why I felt dumb? “He’s the dumb one, he’s the one that looks foolish for not returning your call…” These kids these days are smart….or maybe her personality is just one of those that doesn’t look at herself as being the problem first – which is where I am – I’m always the issue, it’s not anyone else.

Joe often says that people’s actions are not always a reflection of me as a person, but more often a reflection of what kind of people they are. I know this to be true, but it’s difficult some times.

Here are some positive notes about the pottery community that I’m currently wanting to be part of – the potter Uncle Jesse is a very kind soul, his team is very kind also. He’s always been welcoming & very chatty with me when we do run into each other. I met another pottery, who happens to be the teacher at a local high school that was selling at a craft fair I was shopping at this weekend who was very kind, and loved chatting shop with me for a few minutes while I checked out their booth. I’ve met some really great people on Instagram, one person even sent me a box of some glazes she was getting rid of, I just need to reimburse her for the shipping cost. She sent 8 glazes, spent some time packing them up, taking them to the post office and chatting with me about my work.

It’s nice to know that not everyone makes other people feel like foolish idiots, and not everyone shuts people out of their circle.

Until next time my friends – hugs to you. Be sure to find those groups that allow you in their circle, if you don’t feel loved and appreciated, reach out to a different group, or find someplace where you feel welcomed – it’s important to your mental health – which also links to your physical health – take care of yourself!

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