Laments…..Jam…..Near Disasters…Care Givers…Crawling & Pottery

Happy Friday evening! I’m not entirely sure where the last month has gone – oh wait…..yes, that’s right – I went back to work! It’s almost as though I’m busier now than I was when I had two school aged kids-and I’ve hardly seen the grands! My 26 year-old (soon to be 27) was just lamenting about time going to quick….girl-you have no idea! It seems as though that train is going triple speed ever since we had grand kids!

The garden is still doing it’s thing – the weather has been unusually dry & warm, a very nice treat compared to the heat that we had earlier this summer. The mornings are cool and foggy, afternoons in the 70’s – I’m still watering my garden!

We did manage to cook up a few batches of jam. Pear, Pear with cranberry orange, Italian Plum, and Italian Plum with cranberry cloves, I think it’s a total of 36 jars. We will share with family and friends, most likely hoarding the one with orange because it is so delicious-quiet the zing!! Very delightful indeed! We picked up some freshly ground corn meal from the tractor show a bit ago, so we whipped up two batches of corn bread to try out the pear jam – it was a big hit. I think anything with that much sugar is going to be a big hit?

We hosted a late summer market in the yard early September. I wouldn’t say it was a disaster, but it certainly wasn’t as big of a hit as I thought it would have been. The smoke from the wild fires was very oppressive, then adding the heat on top of that was not fun. There wasn’t a lot of traffic out and about. I advertised like crazy, but I’m thinking that isn’t the key – I think the key is just grabbing those people that are out and about. I had some old friends stop by and say hi, pick up a few things from me, and some new ones drop in to specially shop with me, so that felt super good. Apparently I have fans- who knew!

Mom is doing well, quick find some wood to knock on please! She has two care-givers now that the federal government has stepped in and lowered the income qualifications for Medicaid. It sure takes a strain off of our relationship, and a strain off of the finances for hubby and I. She seems really happy, I hope that it continues into the winter, it’s not unusual to get depressed and a bit of a cranky person in the cold and darker months of the year.

Lily is doing amazing – she’s been crawling – can you believe it? At 8 days old they said she might not make it to 2 years old, said she might need a feeding tube and a wheel chair….here she is at 19 months old and rockin’ it! She might still need a wheelchair, and she will need accommodations for gym class and riding the bus when she starts school, but we can cross that bridge when we get to it. We had our first SMA walk a few weeks ago, it was great to meet some of her friends, and other families that have loved ones impacted by SMA. I’m looking forward to many more.

The three grands

Pottery has been as busy as it can be – with our busy lives! We also took a two night, three day boat trip out to the San Juan’s…so it’s not a mystery why I haven’t been blogging, and not a mystery as to why I haven’t been able to try the things I want to with pottery. I’m anxiously awaiting a package from a pottery place in Vermont – I’m thinking I will not be ordering from them again any time soon. It’s been almost four weeks, I get small business’ take a while, but um… took my money the day I bought it, and I haven’t heard anything since then. I was hoping to make ornaments with the things I purchased from there, but it looks like I won’t be able to make the deadline for the event on the 15th of October – oh well, maybe I can get something done for the next event on November 5?

Fox Cove

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve done a ton of pottery – just not as much as I had hoped! I have a kiln to run Sunday, and some major glazing that will need to be happening starting Wednesday night I hope.

I better get a move on, I have a hot dinner date with a handsome fellow.

Thank you so much for stopping by to check in. Take care – until next time – hugs to you my friends.

One thought on “Laments…..Jam…..Near Disasters…Care Givers…Crawling & Pottery

  1. Shirley Nielsen

    I so look forward to your updates!!!! I did ceramics for several years and enjoyed it SO much. Glad you have your kiln and you are very creative. Have a great October. Grateful for all the progress your ‘little gal’ is making too! Praise the Lord.


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