Garage Break Downs….Humbling Experiences…..The Return to Facebook & Sweetpeas

Happy Wednesday evening my friends, I hope all is well in your corner of this crazy world.

It’s been several hot minutes since I’ve posted, things have been a bit busy – but what else is new around here?

Honestly, there hasn’t been anything huge – well other than the Spring Market, but that really went off without a hitch…other than me having a minor breakdown due to a missing plate that my friend purchased ahead of time – but after my little crying moment on the phone hiding in the garage for a few hot minutes on the phone with my daughter, things were just fine.

My booth
A snap shot in the middle of the day
A snap shot in the middle of the day

It took me a few days to process the event, it took me a few moments of hearing things from people about different aspects of the event – and looking over my paperwork – before I figured out it went really well. Joe was an amazing help, getting the yard ready, being hosts to 9 other sellers, and making sure that things were in place. I am humbled by the support of my friends and family, it wasn’t about them coming and spending money – it was just about them showing up and visiting. I did a fare amount of business, sold 11 pieces of my pottery, and several seedlings. Not everyone that came out shopping at my booth, not everyone that came out to see me spent money with me, but it wasn’t about that, it was about seeing people – in the rain – all day….come out to say hi and just be there. I did have some friends buy from me, some friends of friends, and some complete strangers buy from me, it was nice. Yes, of course we are chatting about a Summer Market….we shall see how it all goes.

Unfortunately I’m back on Facebook – I have seedlings I need to get rid of, not a ton, but some….but I’ve only managed to get one person interested, but I’ve learned I need to post pictures of the actual pretty flowers – not just the boring green seedlings, but that takes a bit of time and energy! The person who did get in contact with me wants 20 sweet pea seedlings! So I will make that delivery on Friday. I also received a text from a scammer – my first ever – someone actually tried to get me to send them a verification code from my google account….what’s happening these days? I thought maybe I was being overly paranoid, so I called my daughter to see if I was overreacting to the situation because maybe things have changed while I’ve been gone….but no, she agreed with me – “mom, don’t do it, it’s a scam”.

Other than that… is doing good, Lily-Bean is doing well, work has calmed down, looking forward to a few camping trips here and there.

The garden is currently a lumpy, clumpy pile of dirt clods. No seed bed, and no way anything is going in any time soon, this damn weather just keeps giving us more and more rain. I’m sure that it would be great if we needed it, but goodness gracious….it’s time for the sun to come out!!

I haven’t even put in my sweet peas yet-((gasp))-what am I waiting for?!! Time….energy….weather…. Thankfully there’s no stress – and thankfully, I have someone that wants 20 of the 40 I started lol – so it will all be ok! No worries!

I better get a move on – time for dessert and bed – get ready to finish the week out. Until next time my friends – hugs to you!

2 thoughts on “Garage Break Downs….Humbling Experiences…..The Return to Facebook & Sweetpeas

  1. Hilary Friedrich

    Shoot! I can’t believe I missed your event last weekend. I was looking at my calendar and saw it. I’m so sorry. I wanted to come out. Would love some sweet pea starts if you have any left. What else do you have?

    Miss our chats.





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