Ill Weather…Don’t Blink……Mystery Projects….Drop Everything….& Bellyaching

Happy Sunday my friends. I hope all is well with you and yours. Things are plogging along here, I’m over this winter weather. We’ve had several ill weather cells blow through here this week. All I want to do is get some things done in the yard….all Joe wants to do is mow the lawn – both weekends we’ve been chased in by the rain. The hail, thunder and lightening is just getting old now. Thankfully, I’m in no hurry to get things in the ground. We missed a few opportunities to till up the ground, but it really doesn’t matter, I’m on no time schedule at this point. It will all be ok….right?

This week has been a busy one with Spring break for the grands & me. We certainly had to fill it up with some adventure – nothing too exciting. I certainly missed going to Palm Springs this year, but things were just not lined up to be able to take that trip just yet. On Monday, we ended up driving down to Mount Vernon to “look at” a new trailer for camping. I say it in quotes, because we ended up going back down to pick it up on Wednesday with the grandkids. They were super excited & ready to spend the night in it-in the driveway of course! Tuesday was glaze day. Thursday was a bit of recovery day for me & clean up day, Friday was an all day & over night with the youngest grand, Saturday was a most of the day with her, nap in the afternoon – then here we are – on Sunday already? What happened? I blinked and it’s all over….

Grand adventure #1&2
Grand Adventure 1&2
Grand Adventure #3

I managed to get a bit of the laundry room sorted and cleaned up. Found three bags of clay – which in all fairness I knew I had, but I got them out and marked them so I can tell what they are for when I’m able to throw again. I found a mystery project – after a bit of research in my photo’s I discovered I threw the cute little things on October 2nd….apparently I had plans for it because it was wrapped in plastic – and forgotten about. This doesn’t happen often, as I fall in love with each and every piece I make, but apparently, this one fell through the cracks. I will put it in the next bisque firing and get it glazed – perhaps by the time the Spring Market gets here…or not….

Mystery project

I do have a few other things I’d like to make, but goodness…things are busy…we shall see what happens. I have two planters that need catch dishes, and I have a bag of 05 clay & glazes that go with it to try out, but that might have to be a few months down the road?

I did manage to get a few cosmos started – I think 70? Perhaps? They aren’t all for me! So many people like the cup-cake blush, so I started some of those – to sell at the Spring Market at the end of the month. Which is sneaking up on us quickly…..I’m not even sure what I need to be getting ready – I’m sure when it comes to the week, I will be stressed to the max and wonder what in the hell I was thinking when I decided to do it, but for now, everything is great….right?

Just as I was getting my trays lined up to start more Cosmos, I received a phone call from Mom’s safety line… soon as I see that on my caller ID, I know there are things that will be happening. One of them, is dropping what I am doing, and heading over to mom’s. After that – it’s either a trip to the hospital, or a phone call to the doctor. Switching gears… Turns out that mom took another tumble today, didn’t get hurt, had her necklace on and was able to get help. Joe and I arrived before the paramedics; her upstairs neighbor was on the phone with 911 when we got there, and her other neighbor had called me and left a message – that somehow I had missed because I was working on getting cosmos things ready.

In any and all cases, the system we have in place worked out, things are ok for now. Mom isn’t injured, but the doctor wants her to go in for some tests. We are guessing another UTI – according to the home test – that’s what’s happening. So, we go in to check on that and get meds as soon as that test is ran tomorrow morning first thing.

Maybe there will be a normal week soon, maybe summer will get her sooner than I’m hoping? Thankfully I’m over my cold – but sadly, the grands came over with a cold – which then Joe caught, and my mom got – we are saying prayers that Lily-Bean doesn’t get it. Hopefully, it starts to warm up a bit and things get better sooner than later. I can’t even being to imagine how difficult it was for early settlers – getting through winter sucks in general, but back in the day when there wasn’t warmth in the house, medication to take if you got sick… We certainly are blessed to live in the time we do. I need to quit my bellyaching and get to bed so I can get up to face the day with mom tomorrow.

Until next time my friends, please take good care of yourselves. We are almost out of the woods, Mother Nature isn’t quite finished with her shenanigan’s, but Spring is almost here. Hugs to you!

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