Unwelcome Visitors….Clean Up…..Simmering….Taste of Spring…..& Less Stress

I’m writing to you from my cozy couch on this lovely, drizzly Monday almost afternoon. It appears that somehow a pesky head cold has climbed aboard and has made a nest inside my body. Completely uninvited, unexpected and frankly a bit unacceptable. I have things to do and places to be, this is not convenient for me. I’m doing my best to behave and get better quickly, but it’s been a bit difficult.

We’ve had a very busy month, our weekends have been filled with grandkids, family and friends. This weekend was the first weekend we’ve had a chance to take care of some chores around the place. Joe mended the chicken coop, mowed the lawn and even tried to fill in the holes in the yard from our busy dogs.

I started to get a little tingle in my nose Friday afternoon, thinking it was just allergies, I marched on about my day. Still thinking it was allergies I marched on through my weekend. Taking care of 900 seedlings on Saturday & Sunday; thankfully -only 300 of them stayed at my house, the other’s were picked up and whisked away to be dealt with by other people. Sunday I weeded and cleaned up another one of the raised beds, then picked up some of the debris that was left behind by my cleaning at the end of the season last year.

Thank goodness a majority of these moved out of my care!
Trying to recapture the lawn, the raised beds will be for sweet peas, poppies, dahlias & Lily’s
Thank goodness for hardy Columbines-a nice addition to the patio for spring!

In total I have 28 flats in the greenhouse – still lots of room – that will not be filled by yours truly, but anyone else that might need a place to store a few things…hint – hint Ms. Jilly!

Green house is filling up!

I only have a few more seeds to start. Need to get those Cupcake Blush Cosmos in some dirt, and a few other Cosmos, but other than that, I think I am finished.

Unfortunately, my idea of the focal point has been moved to a different time & a different location. Joe is just too busy to take time off to move forward with the plan. I will have to see what I can do on my own to get the idea rolling. We are going to turn the area back into lawn for now. I’m thankful I still have my raised beds. I can poke a few things in there. Also, I’ve decided to have one row in the garden area for cut flowers – about 163 plants ought to do the trick. Maybe some day the focal point will happen, for now I place it on the back burner to simmer – see what it thickens up to be.

In addition to playing in the dirt, I also took care of a few ceramic projects this weekend, loaded and ran a successful bisque kiln load. I am trying to finish up a few pieces to have to show at my last throwing class on Wednesday, but that involves glazing, which isn’t super labor intensive mind you, but takes some energy. Perhaps little bouts here and there so I can get them finished and- hopefully I will be much better by the time Wednesday gets here – hopefully tomorrow morning I will be able to go to to work. This head cold just wasn’t in my plans – thankfully, it’s just a head cold and I will be able to move forward quickly-hopefully. If I don’t rest, it’s possible it will run itself into something else entirely, so…for now….I rest and behave.

A few things to glaze

I hope this blog entry finds you rested and well. The little taste of Spring we got this weekend was truly heavenly, I’m looking forward to many more days of that warmth and getting more chores finished. I enjoyed being able to just tinker with this and that, and the stress being much, much less than in years passed. I made the right decision to cut back this year. Of course, had this head cold not climbed on board, I would be in a much better place….but alas, here I am. It will be okay, it’s just a small bump in the road. Until next time my friends, good health to you & yours, hugs!

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