Employment Update….a Beautiful Break….Life After Facebook…..

Star date October 20th, 2021…..the fifth day without Facebook, or is it 6…maybe only four? I really can’t remember and I really don’t care! Happy Wednesday evening my friends! Thank you so much for stopping in. What a crazy bunch of weeks it’s been!

For those of you following along at home…. I’m still employed. I was granted a religious exemption. At least that hurdle is jumped. I’ve put in for a review for a committee to look over my Braille test, it’s been over a week, but I’m in no mood to try to argue with their time line. They can do what they need to do to make their decision, then I will cross any bridges when the time arrives.

Although I’m still employed, I’m having a difficult time with my employment assignment. I’m not going to lie, the thought of working at a plant nursery is very enticing…..much more physically demanding, but maybe more rewarding perhaps? However, I’m not sure I can do a full 8 hours….

I’ve been exhausted the last several months – thankfully Joe and I did get a chance to run away for a weekend. A beautiful, luxury B&B in Yakima. The Cozy Rose Inn provided us a much need break from the craziness of the last several weeks! It’s even up for sale, it was fun to banter back and forth with Joe, as to how and why we should buy it & give it a go….maybe later in life, right now, we don’t need to be tied down to such a big project!

Breakfast delivered to the room was decadent
Beautiful room
Beautiful scenery too

Having to pack my entire department up by myself, then wait for the news of a new location, dealing with the staff at that new location was stressful enough, thankfully I had help unpacking and organizing all of it, and thankfully they’ve recently hired a teacher to give me some direction to go in with my student. Each year is a different animal, each year brings new students, or less students and just when you think we’ve gotten it all settled in, things change. I’m not sure what is making this year so much more difficult, but holy smokes, it’s been rough. I spent a great deal of time sorting out how and what I wanted to do, trying to process the loss of my employment, trying to process what I thought I was going to be doing this year, next year or in five years.

Also, this week I decided I’ve had it with Facebook, I finally took the big leap and did a full deletion of my page. There’s just too much corruption for me to feel okay with myself for being part of the community. Strangely, I’ve had several people reach out to me and tell me they have thought about it for a while, but are too scared to do it — that simple statement right there – should be enough for anyone to really second guess what is going on over there. What are you scared of? It certainly is isolating – I have four people over on MeWe. It’s not always the quantity it’s the quality that is supposed to matter. And that is what it is – Facebook has built it’s entire empire on the human condition of wanting to belong, wanting to be connected, wanting to have the validation….and unfortunately that often times comes from outside of ourselves, not from within. As humans, we do need to feel connected, but with that there is a price to pay for when you are not seeing the likes, not seeing the connections – mental health is a huge factor in the quality of a persons life, and here we have a huge multi-million dollar cooperation that has been buying politicians at the tune of 500$ million dollars….? And now I hear they are considering a rebranding…the big announcement is supposed to come next week. This should be interesting – why would you need to rebrand – what seems to be the issue? Reminds me of the Wells Fargo situation a few years ago, the trust issues – asking for forgiveness honestly.

I was on one of my clay centered (see what I did there clay friends…centered lol) FB sites before I left, asking if anyone wanted to join WeMe….holy goodness, someone actually said it was where right-wing nuts go to insult each other and bash things….she quoted a Rolling Stones article. Absolutely laughable…!! I guess they thought doing their own research wasn’t worth their time. In case any of you reading this wonders what it’s all about – so far, I’ve managed to connect with four people – three family members & a nice guy I met several years ago that is wired into the world of second hand items. Certainly not the right-wing bashing someone was chatting about. I suppose I could join those forums, I suppose they are out there, but thankfully, I don’t have to subject myself to things I don’t want to, because I have the choice to accept the people I want, and to join groups I want that have like interest that I do. Sadly, only 600 or so people are part of the clay group over there – so there isn’t much activity on the page, but I remember when FB started out slow and nobody knew what it was all about.

So, there is indeed life after Facebook, just a different life. I actually had to call my friends landline the other day – I didn’t have her cell phone number so I couldn’t text her, and of course FB not being an option, I called the number I had…she was confused as to why her wall was ringing!! Too funny!!

I had several people tell me they were going to miss me – well meaning individuals I’m sure. I left my phone number on my last post – obliviously, they aren’t going to be missing me too much – because only a handful reached out with their numbers. And I’m okay with it, surrounding myself with genuine people, who actually want to be around me, is much better for me than surrounding myself with people who are just there out of convenience.

Yes, I still have Instagram, but it’s a much different animal, a much different level of involvement – a much different level of control. I’m not sure when I will let that one go, but it will be fun to see what happens.

I also let my cable go – it’s not Dish Networks fault that there isn’t anything good on TV anymore, I’m over paying such a high price for something I can’t control – they tell me what I get to see and when I get to see it – yes I know you can record and yes I did plenty of it, but why was I paying 97$ to watch Grey’s Anatomy and listen to a local new caster tell me lies? So, I signed up for Hulu – all of these new things to learn and try out!! A shift, growing and learning always! Hulu lets me see lots of great things from the early 90’s, and still things from today – new & old episodes of Grey’s Anatomy, and Law & Order. I’m even trying something new called Big Sky, which I’m not going to lie — the first one was really damn scary, but I’m on episode five now — and I’m kind of liking it so far. I can see why people binge watch things-something new for me!

Anyhow, you have probably fallen asleep in your soup by now! Thank you for stopping in and checking on me. I’m still alive, still growing – which can be painful and uncomfortable at times – but it’s still happening none-the-less. I’d give you an update on Lily-Bean, but my daughter isn’t talking to me at the moment, it’s been almost a full week since she hung up on me. That’s a whole other topic for a different day…..mother-daughter relationships are always an interesting dichotomy-best saved for another time. Until next time my friends – hugs to you!

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