Getting a Move on….

Happy Saturday morning! After a very gray rainy day yesterday we were greeted with a lovely, beautiful day this morning. Apparently there was some sort of accident last night that took down a power pole some place along the lines as we’ve been without power since around midnight last night. Thankfully, when Joe built this house, he built it with power outages in mind, so we are not suffering for it this morning – other than the internet is down and I’m having to use my phone as a hotspot, oh goodness if that’s the worse of my complaints I certainly have it made.

It’s been a super hot minute since my last post – been super busy – doing what I’m not entirely sure, but I do know for certain it’s involved the usual grandkids, mom, flowers, pottery and work already!

There is lots to take care of sooner than later. So much to do to move forward…..

I’ve been formulated a plan for the new garden next year, but I need to clean out the current contents and call to have some dirt moved in, put in the three hydrangeas I have on hand, then wait until March or so.

I need to clean up the milk house so that the meat saw can be moved out and I can clean up to prepare for winter, do some organizing and purging to pare things down for the upcoming season.

It sounds as though we will not be removing everything from the garden, in years past we have pulled out the flowers in order to pull up the fabric and irrigation lines. Since there is no fabric to speak up – (great decision on my part) – we do not have to pull out all the flowers. This will save a great deal of time and energy on our part this year. In addition to not taking out the flowers, I’m also not digging up the Dahlia tubers, I will dig up the glads, but will leave the tubers in. I’m not going to fight with the tubers this year and try to find a place to put them, divide them up and do it all over again next year. I will pick up a few tubers here and there, pop them into the new beds and enjoy them, but will just buy new ones each year – they are only 10$ for 15 of them at Costco, that will be plenty to keep me happy.

Wedding bouquet I did this week for a bride who eloped here from Nebraska-quiet the cute story!
Two bouquets I made last week for mom & her neighbor

I’m having a difficult time trying to figure out if I will even be able to throw pottery this winter – it’s a messy gig, it certainly can’t come into the house, the garage is a bit cold. My clay work might have to be limited to hand building this winter….we shall see.

I’ve certainly enjoyed my pottery class, and all the things that I’ve made and experimented with. I’ve had two clay days here with the family in the yard, my daughter certainly has taken a shine to it and is doing very well! My DIL – not so much, it’s certainly not for everyone. It’s been very enjoyable having people here and seeing what they create. I’m looking forward to a meeting space being put out in the barn so I can have more of those days where I will not have to mess up the house. I have vision of what could be, we shall see if those visions come to fruition.

My daughter cut these letters out in clay-by tracing stickers!! I’m so proud of her!
A few recently bisqued pieces I picked up from the studio!

I managed to pass most of my Braille test – four of the five successfully taken care of, I missed the last part by one point — AGAIN! UGG! Dang it! I have 9 sentences to redo….just 9….when it arrives I will be sure to take care of it ASAP and get it back in the mail to be sure things are all lined up for when work starts back up — NEXT WEEK already!

They called me back about two weeks ago – they wanted me to pack up my office —- holy lanta ya’all so ridiculous! My 4th move in 5 years, and I’m sure they would have booted me last year had we had in person school….so 65 boxes and 9 hours later, I was all packed and ready to go nowhere, because they still didn’t know where I was going. Before you ask me what in the world was in my office – let me just say one thing … a printed 400 page Harry Potter book is at least 10 volumes in Braille….and everything vision related is stored in my office – books included! So yes, we have a lot of things in our office!

While packing all said 65 boxes it gave me time to reflect on what kind of a co-worker I am, what kind of a employee I am, what kind of person I am. Can I let things go? Could most of these things be put into storage? Am I organized and driven enough to take on the department myself if they do not hire a new lead teacher? Do I even want to stay working for an organization that I’m not entirely sure my values are lined up with theirs? So many things to contemplate….

I wonder if I could do anything I wanted – what would it be? Hold classes here at home….on planting seeds, playing with dried flowers & playing with pottery-making soap…..salves and whatever else I could get my hands dirty with? Would that pay the bills? Would that be enough to satisfy me?

I was asked to be part of the interview team for the new lead teacher. Had the district continued on with their program four years ago, I would be in line to take that lead teacher job-but here I am…still with no bachelor degree – but do I even want one? Here I am….contemplating again – much too nice of a day to think about things so heavy and awkward! It looks like a good day to jump in a lake…we shall see what Joe is up for today and make some plans to move forward with the day.

The electricity just came back on too….so I guess that makes it time to get a move on…it is 10 for Pete’s sake….!! Lazy, lazy!

Thanks for stopping by – I hope you have a great day! Until next time my friends – hugs to you.

2 thoughts on “Getting a Move on….

  1. Shirley Mielsen

    Like to keep up with you!!! You are one busy household is all I can say. Love your flower arrangements and how you share your thoughts and feelings with us. Blessings as you make decisions.

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