Sticks & Stones….Donations….Monkeys…. Minding My Beeswax & UFOs

Happy Saturday my friends, I hope all is well with you this fine rainy Saturday! We made it 51(52?) days with no rainfall, almost beating the 2017 record of 55 days! It’s been a rough year weather wise – and several other things, but we are surviving! It will be interesting to see what rejuvenates now that we’ve had the special chemical concoction from the sky – it doesn’t matter how much I water from the hose, when that rain comes down through the atmosphere it seems to work some magic! I hope it has something in store for me, I have one last wedding to do August 24th, so many things have cycled out….it will be interesting to see what I do. Thankfully it’s only a flower crown, bridal bouquet and a grooms piece, so it’s not a ton of flowers, but there are flowers I will need. I’m hoping Laurel Roots Farm and Mountain View Flower Farm will be able to help out a bit, I’m guessing Marrietta Blooms will also be able to help. We shall see what happens.

Let me tell you….if words – spoken to myself, about myself – were indeed sticks and stones….I’d be the one with two broken ribs – in addition to black and blue everywhere, two broken knee caps, a busted femur, bleeding ear drums, and a broken eye socket. I really raked myself over the coals the day prior for not being good enough at throwing vases, then I spilled my washing bucket on the patio, I had a few flowers go bad in the milk house, the house was a mess, there’s unfinished projects, and I still hadn’t done my Braille test. It had all finally caught up to me Thursday night….the heat, the deadlines….the unfinished everything….it was not a pretty site. I slogged through, chatted with Joe about my shortcomings, and went to sleep to try and work it out.

I woke up Friday to an email from Washington State School for the Blind – unfortunately it appears I missed a deadline for my Braille test. Add another few bruises and a broken collar bone – maybe even a fractured ulna bone perhaps for good measure. Ugg, why do I put these things off? When I told my daughter I missed the deadline she asked me what the heck I’ve been doing (you know in that parent voice that kids get when they get to scold their parents)… when I answered “fuc*ing around” she said “well, at least you admit it”.

I left for clay class….still in a bit of a mood, but I had flowers to donate to the Domestic Violence center in Bellingham, and I was darned if this news of missing a deadline was going to ruin my Friday. The lady picking up the donation was so appreciative and thankful. I’m not going to lie, that helped lift my spirits a bit – helping out a very important agency and making their day a bit more lovely. The things they have to deal with every day must be heartbreaking, exhausting and rough! She had a ton of vases for me, so sweet of her, so we traded a very good size bucket of flowers for three baskets of vases. I still have three more Friday flower donations to do for them, so if you are interested in donating – let me know, I can drop off your donation and get you a receipt if you would like. Last week we were able to donate 90$ and a lovely bucket of flowers!

Part of the donation…I didn’t get a picture of the bucket…it’s okay, I know how pretty they were and so do the ladies receiving them!

My spirits were in a bit better of a mood by the end of clay class, I had some good luck on the trimming and foot making on my…..(I’m not sure what to call them, they aren’t big enough for bowls, nor are they tall enough for mugs, nor are they the right size for vases – we will go with)…. candy dishes?! I feel better about the whole clay situation, I know it takes a while….and I need to be kinder to myself, and I need to keep it fun. We did get two more pieces back from the clay day with my family – my daughter’s soap dish and my SIL’s little dish turned out fantastic with the glazes they put on! Sadly – the only thing that I put in – the cute little gnome dish – got broken by a run in with a kiln shelf. ((insert face palm emoji here)) Just my luck…oh well, gives me a chance to improve my technique and maybe make it even better.

I crushed the textured looking vase…it was a bit too rough looking…I was going for a textured look…I’ll try again!
Jill’s dish & My daughter’s soap dish

When I arrived home….I promptly took out the Braille test – that I had already finished four of the five pieces – completed the last part in less than 30 minutes…..had it down to the post office before they closed and mailed it off. Felt really good to get that monkey off my back….so good in fact that I went home and completed another project that I’ve been thinking about for a while –

Beeswax wraps. They turned out super cute. For a few years now I’ve thought about alternatives to plastic wrap & plastic baggies, and had seen those wraps here and there, seen them for sale a long while ago, but I’m too cheap to buy them! I already had the bees wax from my salve making days – it appears that nobody needs more salve, so I decided to find another use for wax. Joe says he is willing to give them a try. They certainly wouldn’t hold up in a kindergarteners lunch box, but for Joe and I they will be perfect for sandwiches and chips! Maybe I will even sell some – make some cute fall ones for Mountain View Flower Farms open house in the fall? I will try them out and see how they go for a bit.

Beeswax fabric wraps

I have several other UFO’s (unfinished objects) in the craft room – but I do have several finished & crossed off the list. One of the fun things about being a creative, is that I’m never bored, there’s always something to look forward to doing, and always something new to learn! It’s certainly nice to have the mind & body to be able to support being enthusiastic about new things, they don’t always cooperate and get along, but they seem to straighten out and play nicely together. I can only hope that my self deprecating talk stops long enough for my wounds to heal, why are we always our worst critics? I would never talk like that to a friend….I need to be a better friend to myself!

I hope you are getting along just fine – kind words only today – to you and the ones around you! Thanks for stopping by today! Until next time – hugs to you.

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