Forgotten Updates

Ear surgery update….

It appears my ear surgery is not necessary! My growth is not back….I knew it was important to go for my check-ups, but had no idea how damaging it could be if the growth came back-even my facial nerves could be damaged! It appears I have a pool of water below my eardrum that is currently sucked in & has eaten away all my middle ear bones. I will have a hearing test in August, then a tube will be put in place to drain things. I have to be sure to use an earplug when swimming to prevent water from getting in. The surgeon was very delighted with the CT scan results. I’ve noticed I can’t hear much out of that ear- which can be helpful while sleeping when there’s a snoring partner sharing a bed! The surgeon was very helpful, and personable. When he pulled me up from a seated position I said Uff Da! He exclaimed-“you are Scandinavian!?” We chatted about burnt Norwegians, lefsa & Lutefisk! It was a great time…because I didn’t have to have surgery!!

If you want to learn more about the growth there’s more information via this link:

My Braille test…

I failed twice…then I expired, now I have to take the big test. It’s been frustrating, no help at the state level, zero professional courtesy, kinda a lot riding on me passing…it’s not cheap to take either! And with my nutty schedule, I’ve been horrible at making time for it, but have a plan for next week. No opening my new wheel until I mail in the test!

As I mentioned in my earlier post, Today we are watching Lily-Bean. She’s napping on me as I blog, papa Joe is napping on the couch-they wore each other out laying on the floor playing while I worked on the birthday bouquet. I picked extra to make mom a bouquet also. Hopefully get that delivered today or tomorrow!

Thx for reading-take care my friends-until next time hugs!

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