Hot Temps….Horrible Rust…..Early Pickings & Health Stuffs

My pickings at 5 a.m. this morning

Greetings on this sweltering hot Saturday! It’s 82 in the house, it looks like we are peaking out at 98.7 for the day outside, with 116 in the greenhouse with the doors open. I’ve never experienced heat like this for this amount of time, I’m not sure I’m really enjoying it. It was one thing to be in Rome walking around in 80 degree weather, but 98.7 degrees, with high tempts forecasted for the next two days will be interesting.

The grands are back again today while their parents go out for a day on the lake with friends. It certainly is nice to have the pool! Currently we are finishing up quiet time in the bedroom with electronic devices and papa snoring on the couch – with dog and cat passed out along side! I thought I would jump on real quick and give a few quick updates.

It appears that rust has managed to make it to my main garden on the snap dragons. I have no idea how it got there, not hugely surprised it is there, it usually doesn’t move super quick, but I’m not planning on ripping anything out as of yet. From what I’ve experienced, the blooms are just fine, it’s the foliage that has the issue, the plant slowly suffers. I will do some research as to if Marigolds and Strawflowers are susceptible to it and make the decision to pull or leave them in. I will keep a close eye on things and hope that it stays on the snaps and just stops. You would think all the warmth we’ve had would put an end to it all…? I’ve been careful with my sheers, but not super careful with my clothes, or putting the infected leaves in the burn pile…

I picked a good deal of flowers this morning at 5 a.m. I’m not entirely sure if I picked the right ones – ie – did they really need to be picked, will they hold up in the fridge, did I make good choices? I will see how it goes for putting bouquets together tomorrow night – or super early Monday morning.

I still need to pick Russian Statice, Strawflowers and Asters. The Asters were not open very far, so I didn’t pick those yet, if they were open further, it would have picked them and put them in the fridge. I see I have a few more Lily’s ready to open, so I will most likely give them a good watering tonight, and pick in the morning.

My Marigold Beasts are proving to be just that – Beasts! So much fun-long, tall, sturdy stems with blooms that can take the heat for days and days in a vase! I did hang some to dry, in addition to putting some heads in silica to dry. I have more then enough to do some experimenting! My longest stems are probably 18 inches long!

My daughter isn’t interested in anymore salve, and I’m thinking nobody else has used it in the family – so I’m not entirely sure what I will do with the Calendula that I’m growing and drying. I guess we shall see what happens! The grands enjoyed harvesting it with me yesterday – and picking it apart to dry. With this weather, it was quick to dry up!

I forgot to give an update on Lily-Bean-she turned over for the first time!! She was over last night hanging out in the pool, swimming around in her pool thingy (the strangest thing ever, a little blowup ring around her neck) but apparently it’s a thing. She’s able to push off her mamas legs & bob around!!

I’ve gone to the ear doctor – again…I feel like I’ve seen that man way too much this last year. He seemed very concerned when he looked in my ear, and even more concerned when I relayed my dizzy spells to him lately. Unfortunately, it looks like I will be having a surgery sooner than later. I go in for a CT next week, then a follow up with the surgeon shortly after that. I will know by the 6th what the plan is. I really do not want people to prepay for their subscription with a possibility of me not being able to follow through with it, so I will chat with my people and just go for two weeks at this point, since my delivery dates were very minimal in July because of the two weddings. We shall see what happens. As usual – just wait and see. But as usual – I’m worried, and fretting about all sorts of things. What am I going to do with my clay class….?

Also, I have a very large Braille test to take this coming week….so that will need to happen sooner than later so that’s out of my way before I deal with the ear situation.

Thank you for stopping by! I hope you are keeping cool – hang in there! Until next time-hugs to you!

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