Not As Much…Less Pressure….More Joy & Social Calendars

Happy Saturday afternoon my friends! I hope all is well with you. I’m super happy to report it’s officially summer vacation.

Things are looking great in the perennial patch, as well as the main garden. I was able to start the watering last night, and finished up this morning. I am so happy that I decided to ditch that damn “weed” cloth, weeding is so much easier without it, I’ve been able to mostly keep up, there are still weeds, but things are growing so well!

I’m am a little sad I do not have Zinnia & Cosmos blooms right now like I did two years ago, but honestly, I had no mortality this year with Zinnias, everything I put out is thriving, I wasn’t busting my butt to get things taken care of early. I am so happy how things turned out.

I’ve decided my bouquets do not begin until the 28th, and have put myself on a reasonable schedule for my production, so I’m super happy about that too. Much less stress this year.

The statice and strawflowers are doing amazing – I will have lots of those to dry and use in everlasting bouquets as time marches forward.

I took a little video of the garden yesterday afternoon when I got home from work. I know I will miss the big garden next year, but I think with the perennial patch I will be happy with the blooms in there – hopefully things make it. And of course I will still be growing things, just not as much.

I finally picked my Lunaria pods, so pretty! I’m definitely going to grow more of those next year – hahaha – what did I just say?!! The key phrase was “not as much”.

Luniara seed pods for everlasting bouquets

I had a client email me to put a little something together for his dad for Father’s day, a tomato plant and an herb plant, nothing to do with flowers, but he’s a long ways away and couldn’t make it home, so he hired me to put something together. I was more than happy to do so, they live close, and I already deliver a flower subscription to his mom.

My poppies are doing so well, I’m loving watching all the different ones come and go, then form seed heads! Some of them are so big!!

Love the poppy heads!!

I picked my first bouquet of Sweet Peas the other day, so lovely, smell so good! I went to deliver flowers to my mom the other day to find out she had up and left on a road trip with her brother! It’s good for her to get out, I asked her who she wanted me to deliver flowers to, she said her sister – which I thought was very kind and generous of her.

Sweet peas

I love the Canterbury bells, a bit sad I will not have these particular ones next year, but I did plant some plugs from Jolly that are supposed to be very similar to to them – they say they will most likely come back, but it’s possible not. I’m hoping they do, because these were a huge disappointment – very short and very unusable, but I think I put them out too soon or something – I messed them up somehow. We shall see if they come back. Wait and see….

Speaking of waiting and seeing – Lily Bean’s blood test came back better, so no need for more medication – and now that I am away from the germ factory mama says I will be able to see AND hold Lily soon! I’m looking forward to more pictures with flowers!

My social calendar is filling up quickly between camping trips, boat trips, flower delivers, weddings, a little trip with mom, and a possible family reunion type thing – the nine weeks I have off are filling up quickly! I’m starting off with a little luncheon in the yard with my friends on Monday, I’m having a clay day on Wednesday with some family here at the house, and a zoom meeting with other Braillist in the state on Tuesday.

Don’t forget the sewing projects, soaps and salves I also would like to make – oh and the resin we’d like to do again this year! Always something to do, never a dull moment!

Thanks for stopping by my friends, until next time – hugs to you!

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