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An accidental bouquet

Greetings on this lovely evening – I hope your Memorial Day weekend was enjoyable. I decided to “take the day off” from gardening….of course that was a lie…..I tried to say it with a straight face….but failed! I did manage to stay mostly clean today, but I did some picking, and arranging, a little bit of weeding and maintenance in the garden. Joe helped put up the sweet pea wire for them to climb on. They are getting rather thick and bushy, so it was time to get that hung up. We did get all the irrigation in that I brought home, but it appears there is more that we need to purchase.

While we were putting up the wire for the sweet peas, my friend Tonya and her husband pulled in for a quick visit, they were in the neighborhood and seen us out out working in the fields, so they pulled in. It’s always nice to visit with a fellow flower person. She has decided that being a flower farmer isn’t what she had intended to be, so she is focusing more on opening up her cute little antique home décor shop that I’m so excited to go see soon!

Within that same note…..Joe and I had a long discussion today, bigger picture, and what we can sustain in the future. We’ve spent a great deal of time working on getting the garden in shape, I’ve paid four people to come out and weed, I’ve worked myself sick and stiff several times over the last few weeks….I announced that I only want to do 163 flowers next year, he seemed relived and agreed it was a good idea – I say that specific number because that is how many I can fit in a twenty five foot row four feet wide. I’m not sure what I’m going to grow, or how I’m going to narrow it down to only one row, but I really do want to focus more on other things. I’m still not tied down to doing Summer subscriptions, there are a few very close and local people that I still sell to, but I’m not sure that every Monday in Bellingham is the way I want to spend my time. It might be possible that people come out here, but I’m not sure people will drive all this way for bouquets. We shall see, when the blooms start coming on, we shall see.

What I would like to shift to….and this might be crazy, but I’ve thought about it for a long time…..I will still grow flowers, I will still put bouquets together, but I would like to start looking at throwing clay. I’ve always wanted to make pots, mugs, bowls, vases and urns. I took a pottery class in high school and loved it, and still have several pieces I made so many years ago. I went back to college just a few years ago and took another pottery class, and realized that I still love clay, and of course the creativity of working with my hands – clay is just another medium to play and experiment with. I would love a kiln, and a pottery wheel – i have no idea how to use either, but I’m willing to learn. There is a local pottery shop in town that I can go visit, but things have been very strict with the shut-down, but things are slowly starting to open back up again. I can reserve time in that shop to try it out and make sure it’s something I want to jump into. But, there’s things that need tending to before I can do that, I’m torn!! It’s good to have options! Then there is of course my sewing projects that I would like to get to!! So many fun and creative things to do-the garden is tying up all my extra time and energy, I think it is possible to do all, but have to scale things back a bit in order to do them. I know the pottery and the gardens-growing flowers-will go nicely together also!

This puts a different spin on the barn rebuild, or does it? We’ve chatted about many different options for the barn rebuild, there’s been a lot of processing, and sorting and discussion going on about the barn – it’s changed shapes many times over the last three years. I think we’ve settled on a design and settled on what our goals are and what we want out of that space. Now we need time to put the wheels in motion, but with Joe’s schedule that will most likely not happen until at the very earliest next summer. It’s always hard for me to believe in plans….things change….things happen….there’s always good intention on follow through, but often times I try not get to too excited about things until I see them begin to happen.

I know for certain, Stock will not be coming back to the garden. It’s lovely and all, but it’s so early, there really isn’t anything else to put with it, and the stems are like corkscrews! That is mostly my fault of course because I didn’t put up netting, but again, not something I want to spend my time on, and no one really seemed to love it. What people do love (when I say people I mean my mom and daughter and daughter-in-law) are things like Strawflowers, Sweet Peas, and Snap Dragons…..and of course I love Dahlias.

The bouquet I made for Joe

And then of course there are the grand babies I want to spend more time with – I should be able to start babysitting Lily soon!! That will be a nice treat! And the boat and more camping of course!

We enjoyed our weekend immensely, Saturday was spent with the big plant sale, working in the garden, then Sunday we worked more in the garden, dinner with friends, then today was more time in the garden and dinner with the in-laws across the street – they made the best fried chicken – apparently a childhood recipe Bruce stirred up to share with us! Joe agreed it was just as tasty as when their mom made it! I’m thinking it couldn’t get any better than all of this, it’s all good – taking things in stride, putting some work into the garden is good, but there needs to be a balance, and I’ve managed to not do such a great job of that this year. It’s a bit off kilter, but it will be okay. It’s a learning moment!

On our way to dinner across the road to Bruce & Jill’s house-bouquet for Jill!

I best get a move on, it’s getting late – early to rise tomorrow for school, only 18 days left, 11 school days. Lots changing at work too, but I will fill in those blanks later. For now, its good night, sleep well my friends. Thank you so much for stopping by, until next time, hugs to you!

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