Superwoman….Moonlight Gardening….Drunken Sailors… & Sobriety Tests

Greetings on yet another amazingly gorgeous sunny day! I hope all is well on your side of the fence!

I happened to wake up at 2 AM this morning and thought I should look at the thermometer – because I’m a geek that way – and was a bit astonished to see that the temps were down to 37. Well of course they are, it’s crystal clear out – and for some reason my weather app keeps telling me not to worry there won’t be a frost….but I was worried….

Because yesterday, I put on my super woman cape and filled up 10 trays of seeds and planted out a few things in my raised beds – because Lord knows this girl needs more seedlings to add to her already hoarding bunch she has.

New seeds!!

So, there I was….minding my own business, when I see the temps down to 37 – I start to panic a bit, because also last night I happened to have pushed out around 300 seedlings into the yard on tables – to fend for themselves, because damn it, I’m a month behind on my Cosmos and the seedlings have been in the greenhouse, where the temps get low at night – and I want some Maximillian sunflower bushes….(but Jade…did that really take up 10 trays….?? more on that later!) It also occurred to me that indeed, the greenhouse gets cold – HOWEVER – it doesn’t frost in there…cold is okay’ish – frost is bad – real bad on baby seedlings!

Over 300 seedings kicked out…

I kind of grumbled a bit, nudged Joe and mentioned that perhaps I should go out and figure out how to put things under cover – not only were there things in the yard, but the back of the truck also had exposed foliage — just hanging out waiting for new homes…

He rouses enough to try to understand what I am saying, then tells me that perhaps I would rest better if we went out and move the things under cover – this dear man of mine – gets dressed to go outside in the moonlight to help me move my seedlings under cover just in case — the unlikely event of a frost happens.

I’m literally stumbling around like a drunk sailor because I am no where near awake enough to be lifting flats of seedlings and tossing them around and over my head to put them up in the rafters of the greenhouse – but somehow – for some reason, I’ve decided it’s a great idea to be doing this at 2 o’clock in the blessed AM!! As Joe stated, that’s a lot of work and inventory to let frost get ahold of it and damage it….because just that afternoon….the greenhouse got up to 102 degrees because we forgot to open the doors – but we saved them from that death…and now here we were trying to save them from frost!

Not to worry, we got everything tucked in and undercover, and went back to crawl back into bed and hopefully fall back asleep before it was time to get up for work – I mumble something about not being able to pass a sobriety test because I’m so tired….there was a bit of giggling and me trying to say the alphabet backwards…but very soon afterwards, snoring and thankfully deep sleep.

As for the 10 trays of new seeds….it’s the usual suspects this time of year – 152 Cosmos – they are not all for me….92 Zinnias (again, not all for me), more Marigolds, Tigerlilys, Baptisia (Wild Indigo), Lupines and I’m sure a whole list of more that I’m still a bit too foggy to remember!

Thanks for stopping by – how could you not with a silly title about drunken sailors? I hope you enjoyed the story – I wonder if anyone else has had this issue – or something similar? Please do share! Until next time my friends – hugs to you!

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