R & R in California…..Chilly Washington….Amazing Husbands….Lily-Bean

Greetings on this lovely Wednesday morning – is it Wednesday? I’ve lost track of days here in sunny Palm Springs…what a delicious reprieve from wet, damp, soggy Washington – which I hear has been very pleasant since I left, but supposed to be back to rain when I get home….of course! However I do see a solid week of 60’s and above a few days after I arrive home, it’s all part of Mother Nature’s grand plan!

My niece is still sleeping at 9 a.m., I’m showered and ready to go, I have a few things planned for the day, but vacation is about rest too, so I will take a few minutes to blog while she rests. Hopefully the ticking of the computer key board doesn’t annoy her too much – or maybe I should tick louder to get her moving?

We’ve managed a trip to Corna Del Mar State Beach in Orange County. So strange that “I” this girl who hates driving in busy places, who is scared of traveling, who hasn’t done much exploring in this world – flew to a place I’ve never been-rented a car- drove 108 miles over an 8 lane highway to go to the beach…and back.

Corna Del Mar-means crown of the sea-be mindful of the waves-my tankini bottoms were swept off…funniest damn story ever!!

We’ve also enjoyed some delicious food in the downtown area, very much enjoyed Lulu’s California Bistro in the very chic shopping center. We’ve acquainted ourselves with the Kroger owned grocery store called Ralphs, the nail place next door, and a cute little greeting card store where I picked up some great treasures for family back home.

The pool at the hotel

We’ve visited the Faye Sarkowsky sculpture garden, the Moortens Botanical Gardens, and a pretty road side park called Victoria Park.

I’m hoping to go to another garden today, in addition to the zoo. We’ve managed to miss the tram and art museum due to them being closed on Tuesday & Wednesday’s – must be their weekend days I suppose? Guess I will need to come back another time and give those a try!

It was actually 29 degrees this day…they just don’t know what to do with our little micro-climate!

We’ve both managed to get sunburns – of course, we live in the soggiest part of the United States, what else would happen? It will be fine. Yes, we used sunscreen, but apparently not at the right time or the right amount? It will be okay, I’ve been careful with my face, my arms and chest will be fine, they’ve already turned the point into a tan – still tender, but not as bright red. My poor nieces’ forehead on the other hand – goodness, let’s hope it fades quickly – she was in the pool yesterday and an elderly gentleman thought he’d take it upon himself to alert her to her red face. Poor thing – as if she needs it pointed out even more?

It’s been 95 degrees every day – a bit too warm and uncomfortable for many people, one of the reasons I did not bring my mom down – just too hot for her. Apparently they are breaking records for high temps set back in the 30’s – at least that is what the man told me at the nail salon?!

Before we left – my niece and I managed to pot up 400 seedlings!! I used all four of my bags of dirt, I ran out of 2 inch pots, and made 25 patio combos. I kicked 7 trays of seedlings out of the greenhouse onto a cart that my amazing husband has been pulling in and out of the garage while I’m away. He’s been holding down the fort at home, watering my seedlings, taking pictures of them, Facetime video chatting with me to show me how they are doing, and being a very loving and supportive husband. I know how lucky I am, and how blessed I am to have him. I certainly wish he could have come with us, but the jobs were just not lining up – my Spring break is set in stone, the jobs he had lined up just didn’t work this year. Perhaps we will try again next year? There’s a ton to see and do here, I wouldn’t be opposed to coming again soon.

I’m supposed to be participating in a plant sale on Saturday – today is Wednesday….I’m hoping I managed to get enough prepared for the sale before I left-because obviously I can’t do much from here! I’ve been looking over my numbers and see that I most likely have 7 trays to bring to the sale if I want to – perhaps 9 if I included my succulents. Maybe I will just bring 5? There are a lot of people selling Dahlias, I have 4-32-2inch pots of Dahlia cuttings….in addition to basket stuffers and a few other bits and pieces. We will see how I feel on Friday and go from there.

My ticking on my keyboard has gotten a bit louder, there is some stirring that is occurring, maybe I can rouse her sooner than later. We’ve missed the breakfast here at the hotel – not that there is much to miss mind you – it’s Jimmy Dean breakfast sandwiches, yogurt and granola bars….not much to miss really! We’ve only had it one day, so it hasn’t been horrible.

I started a 5k-fundraiser for the SMA organization that has been so supportive with Lily-Bean. We’ve managed to reach our goal of 250$, we’ve have actually surpassed it – 740$ so far. Pretty amazing really, even people who I hardly know have donated – so sweet and so kind! Lily-Bean has a great support system, and it would be great to make it so other families who have to face this roller coaster have a support system as well. We are lucky to live in Washington, can you imagine those people in different states that don’t have the early screening, finding out at 6 months that your baby could have had a life saving-life altering drug at 4 weeks old that could have prevented so much pain and strife? We have no idea how Lily will do with this medication, if it will make a difference or not, but at least there is hope and at least there are people on the team who know about these things.

Sleeping beauty has awoken, I best be getting a move on. I hope all is well in your part of the world. Thanks for stopping by – until next time my friends – hugs to you!

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