29…..46….495….Senior Discount….SMA….& 5k

Good morning on this crisp Wednesday morning – I woke up at 4 am a bit worried about my plant babies. I just tucked a few more trays into the greenhouse last night, taking a video of all the wonderful things I just stuck in there. I posted the video on my YouTube channel this morning because I know not everyone is over on my Facebook page to check it out. Needless to say I’m a bit worried about the cold temps! I pulled myself out of bed at 4:30 to go turn on the lights and heat mats a bit early just in case…. because it was 29 degrees outside. I scurried out dressed in my bathrobe, the moonlight shedding its rays to light the way, hoping I wouldn’t find trays of ice and wilted plant babies. It seemed okay when I walked in, when I shined the flashlight on the thermometer, it read just above 30. No ice…no wilted plant babies, everything looked good in the light of the flashlight. I turned on the lights and a few mats, talked to my little ones and came back inside.

I would have normally checked my sensor that is sending information to my weather station in the house, but the outside sensor wasn’t reading, I must have moved it too far to the East side of the greenhouse, honestly it was only a few feet, but it must not like it over there. I tucked it in a bit closer to the west wall, came inside and seen it was reading 37 degrees out in the greenhouse, 29 outside still. When Joe got up at 6 the greenhouse was 44, outside temp was reading 28. So, the heat mats and lights are making a difference. Not much of a difference, I’m not entirely sure that 37 degrees is best germination weather for my Zinnia’s and Cosmos I just started….but time will tell. It’s supposed to be a super nice day today, the price we pay for it is colder temps at night. Supposed to be 60 today, making that greenhouse over 90 if I left it all closed up. Such a tricky dance this time of year!

I have 46 trays in the greenhouse – technically making the main shelves full, but with the light stands it’s made it so I cannot fill up the regular shelves so there are things in the overflow parking shelves up-top. Honestly, they can come out during the day since they are Sweet Peas, even some of the other things like Stock and Lisianthus can come out during the day now.

I do not have lights on everything, and wonder how much that is going to effect the things that are not under lights, I have the important stuff under lights – petunias are the only thing I can think of specifically that are under lights. I want them blooming and ready to go into my planters by

I have 15 or so patio combos that I need to put together, not entirely sure how that’s going to work with so much that needs to be done and so much that is going on, but it will all work out somehow – it always does. I spent a great deal amount of time last night potting up my own seedlings, starting seeds and finishing up with the seedling order from last week, that dinner ended up being at 8, I fell into bed at 9.

North side of the greenhouse

I bought four more bags of potting soil, and a bag of growing mix. I think I’m going to go back and stock up on the growing mix – it seems that some people just don’t know the difference, and the place I buy it from doesn’t seem to stock it soon enough for me to have it on hand as early as I need it. Oddly, the clerk said to me “Oh, I’ll give you the senior discount today, it will save you 10%”. My brain quickly went into the mode of….”should I be offended?….what is the age for senior discount”…do I care….it’s a savings of $10″.

I do have another shipment arriving today – 495 plugs arriving around 12:30-which should be an interesting feat – considering I believe we are taking the boat out to enjoy this lovely day of sunshine. I just may have to contact the neighbors across the street-aka the ever so helpful and amazing in-laws – to see if possibly they might want to come over and pull the box inside & open it up for me. Of course they might read this before I get a chance to even ask them-perhaps I will ask before posting? If they cannot do it, perhaps my son can saunter over and take care of it.

So much of my stuff looks amazing – my Asters look so wonderful, I have beautiful Beebalm this year, even the Mountain Mint – as tiny as it is – looks amazing! I’m trying a flat of dirt – with Calendula seeds and Pride of Gibraltar tossed in to see what happens. I only have about 16 of the PofG, I was hoping to take some in to the kindergarten class and share with them about seed starting and send them home with one to enjoy this summer. I don’t need a ton for my garden, I think last year I had ten and still had way more than I could use! Maybe I will do 8 this year, but need 12 for the class. We shall see what happens!

So excited to see this bloom! The roots I grew look great! So much fun to see things grow so well from seed! I’m not a total screw up!!
I absolutely adore Columbines-they remind me of fairy lanterns! So looking forward to seeing these & so excited I grew them from seed!

My Stock flower that arrived two weeks ago, looks amazing as well. I’ve fertilized it with the fish poop – sure doesn’t stink as much in the greenhouse like it did when I used it in the house.

My Stock flower

A note about Lily-Bean – she had her infusion yesterday, a 4 hour procedure. The kids said she did well, they are hunkering down at home for a bit as the medication can weaken her immune system. So, I cannot go see her, or help with anything. And now we wait….

I’ve been poking around on the Cure SMA website and see they have different options for donations. Since I missed my 5k last year, making my hope for a 10 year streak a bit short, I contacted them about putting one together with a few of my friends that I ran with in 2019. I have a phone conversation with them at 10 this morning.

I best get a move on – I have a phone appointment to help mom with this morning. Things to do, places to go. Thanks so much for stopping by, drop me a message and let me know how you are doing! Until next time, hugs to you!

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