Craziness….New Arrivals….Potting Up & Tilling

Four boxes!
Just fresh out of their boxes
Orders are ready!

Holy smokes….happy Thursday evening. It’s been a crazy last three weeks folks! The orders are coming in and going out….work has been busy…and then there’s all sorts of stuff going on in life in general! I hope all is well in your little slice of this crazy world!

I have 23 people coming to pick up their orders on Saturday, a few big orders and some very small orders and some in-between. Thankfully Joe was able to help a great deal. Waking up at 5:45, heading to work and then home has taken a toll on this lazy old lady! But the big one will be taken care of this Saturday, so that will be behind us.

I’m super excited about several of my new perennials. Jacob’s Ladder, Euphoria, Rudbeckia Amarillo Gold, and Columbine just to name a few! As a replacement I ended up with a plant called Cupid’s Arrow. It will be fun to try something new- it’s blue & has silvery gray foliage….?! Sounds interesting!

I grew this last year…but it didn’t do super well!

I have sooooo many things to pot up. All my Asters are screaming at me, my own Columbines I seeded are ready, more Blue Monday Sage, Cherry Brandy Rudebeckia, and Bee Balm to just name a few!

Will I order that big of an order again? I’m not sure ask me when I run the numbers. It’s been a lot of work, just to save a bit of money, but it will be fun to see new things and give things a try.

The Daffodils are doing great in their new beds. I haven’t been over to check on last years yet!

While we were at work today, a little fairy tiptoed over to the house and tilled the garden up for us – thank you to Bruce, my brother-in-law. How lucky for us he’s such a great brother? We will need one more till before we can do much with it, but it will be okay. There’s time. I think the Stock needs to go out soon, the Sweet Peas have a bed already, so there’s no worries there. I think it’s probably safe to go out, but it won’t hurt any to wait a bit longer-other than I might be completely out of space!

I think I might take off a bit early tomorrow from work, I need to get the house ready for brunch on Sunday, we have a new trundle day-bed arriving for the guest room in addition to getting ready for the pick-ups of the plugs and getting my own stuff potted up….lots to do!

Off to get some rest that I failed to get last night – give it a try and see how it goes. I’m tired enough that I’m thinking I will be able to sleep tonight. I hope you are well, and are resting and enjoying life to the fullest. Until next time my friends – hugs to you!

2 thoughts on “Craziness….New Arrivals….Potting Up & Tilling

  1. I grew Cupid’s Dart once when I lived in Rockford, IL. It was pretty, loved full sun and heat but seemed to live only 2-3 years. Be careful with that Euphorbia…it has a milky sap. One of my flower farming friends was cutting it, got the sap on his gloves. Later he wiped the sweat on his forehead and apparently some of the sap on his glove ran into his eyes. He nearly went blind, and only a long and special treatment saved his sight. Don’t let your grandchildren mess with it, and you be careful! Going to go down to 25 degrees F next week here, so not even planting out the sweet peas yet. All those little plants look terrific!

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