Action Packed….Shipments…Cancelations….. Replacements & Waiting…

Happy Saturday my friends! We have a busy day planned – action packed with grandkids, and my second cousin. We will have a 5, 4 and a 3 year-old-year this afternoon. I’m contemplating crafts, outside time, and a fancy ice cream dessert of some sort. The four year old (my second cousin) will be here until 10 tonight, we are watching him while his mama goes to work. He’s always a hoot to have around. The grands are here hanging out while mama and daddy go to take care of some friends that recently lost a loved one.

I think the kids will have a good time playing together. I’m not entirely sure what the weather has in store for us, but the kids always love being outside even if it’s rainy and cold. Checking on the chickens, riding bikes, playing dog ball with Annie, hula-hoops and sidewalk chalk art….always something going on outside. If it’s too nasty, we will stay inside with a nice cozy fire and pull out all the toys, crafting supplies and snacks- maybe even make up-cakes since that’s what grandparents do….!!

Updates on what’s happening in the greenhouse…..

Seedlings are still going strong from the middle of February, the Sweet Peas look healthy and strong-probably the healthiest and strongest I’ve ever had!

Lost and lots of Amaranth coming up, Celosia is going strong, Statice is doing great as is the Marigold Beasts! Still peeking at the things I put in soil on Tuesday (Strawflowers, Pride of Gilbralter, Phlox, Starflowers and a few others)-four days and nothing coming up – but it’s tricky to get things to germinate when the temps dip down to 39 at night, so it might take a bit longer.

My seeds Bells of Ireland arrived from RareSeeds, it took forever to get here, but that’s because I accidently had it ship to our PO box in town, that we only check twice or so a week…oopps! In addition to the Bells of Ireland seeds, I also purchased Feverfew, White Stars (which to me look yellow?), but I will give them a grow and see what I think. A Chrysanthemum called Golden Ball, Marigold Kilimanjaro White, (also a bit yellow looking), and some veggie seeds. They always send a free packet of seeds with each order, and do not charge shipping. I’m not sure how they can afford to do so, but I greatly appreciate RareSeeds, and was probably a bit more excited about the Sea Shell Cosmos they put in one order – than I ought to have been! Because I need more seeds for the smaller garden you know…but they are so bright and cheery and love it here so much!!

I have four boxes of seedlings arriving on Wednesday — FOUR boxes! Looking like 1,600 seedlings ya all! What in the world? How in the world? This will be interesting! Full day with running around with 11 kindergarten kids, then home to deal with the seedlings! I did ok with getting the last order out and potted up. I probably wasted a bunch of time going back and forth from the trays to the list and what-not, I will work on getting more efficient, but the only person that it’s hurting is me, and I’m okay with being slow. It’s not always about speed – accuracy and the joy of being outside and being productive are just as important.

I sat down with my pad and pencil, it’s looking like I need to prep 17 trays for the seedlings I’m going to keep, so I will attempt to take care of that a bit at a time. It will work out just fine – if it doesn’t – I will always think it should have!

I need to contact those people who need to be picking up next weekend. I only had one person out of the 11 flake out on me last week. This coming weekend I have 17 people coming to get seedlings, some of them are repeat from last weekend, so they know the drill.

Unfortunately, there are two things that failed to grow, so the the company had to cancel those two things. I need to contact those that purchased alyssum and phlox and let them know they are not coming. When I asked my sales rep about replacements, she said they didn’t have any, and I should look at the catalog for something else I might want. Needless to say, it didn’t sit with me very well…. but I emailed her back, with request of 6 different things I’d like to get, but then got a response email that she was out of the office. So I called, and managed to snag the sales rep that I like better and had a conversation with her. She was super nice, super apologetic about the other sales rep blowing me off, and sent me a list of things they do have – because by this time of year, they are out of a lot of stuff, and instead of me guessing and taking a stab in the dark of what I want and not getting it, she gave me a list of stuff they DO have…so I need to sit down and make friends with the catalog to look at pictures and the list to come up with replacements for those two things. I don’t care to have Alyssum, and they don’t have ANY to be had, so it will be okay to replace with something I do want like Delphiniums, Rudbeckia and other fun stuff! Next year I will be more prepared with a list of backups.

With all those seedlings showing up, I’m hoping to have time to start the Cosmos and Zinnias that I’ve been putting off….I feel like I’m missing something, I keep looking at my list from last year and trying to figure out what I’m missing, but it seems I’m just planting different types of things, not really missing anything, just doing different things. I should sit down and take a look at what was in the bouquets last year, and be sure I have those types of things this year – filler, focal points, discs, spikes, grasses, accent pieces.

I’m hoping to sow my Bells of Ireland today, keep it in the house in order to control it a bit more. Crossing my fingers for some to successfully sprout. That is what I get for being overly confident that I would be able to grow them….silly girl…just because you’ve rocked it the last two years doesn’t mean that it will go well this year.

About four weeks to go before our last frost, so these babies have four weeks to snuggle in and grow, grow, grow. It’s kind of fun tucking them in, and waiting – like I’ve done a ton of work getting them in soil, tucking them in – and now they take over the work, they do all the work, while I wait. Same as when I put them in the field, pop them in, walk away, and wait….monitor the situation, weed when needed….but they do all the work for a month before I have to harvest.

Joe did a bit of cleaning out of the little side garden we have off the patio, it will be an excellent place to put some of my new arrivals of perennials. It will look so pretty this summer – at least I’m hoping it will! Sometimes my visions do not meet my expectations, so maybe I need to tame it down a bit? I’ll poke some things in and hope for the best!

I had another visitor to the ranch to see my set up and visit a bit. I think that makes four that I’ve had out for a visit. It’s always nice meeting new people and seeing what they are up to. One of the ladies that came to pick up seedlings is also a flower farmer, she has recently taken a course on how to flower farm. We had a good conversation and she looked around a bit too. There isn’t much to see, and I don’t have a lot to teach, but it’s always nice bouncing ideas off other people. It’s not all about growing flowers, there’s lot of growing relationships and cultivating friendships. Tonya with Mountain View Flower Farm, and Carolyn with Laurel Roots Farm are two new friends that I’m certainly grateful to have met! We keep each other entertained and on our toes!

The fairy garden stuff has still yet to arrive, I’m told it ships on Monday. I’m debating on the succulent event and when it’s best to have it. The weekends are full with plant sales, grand kids, potting up and there is a Spring Break in there too, so I’m not sure if it will be in April or if I will take a weekend off and have it in May. We shall see how it all plays out when the succulents arrive and see if it’s even worth having or if I should just sell them off individually? There has been a lot of interest in it, so I’m thinking I wouldn’t have an issue filling the two events – 20 people total. We shall deal with that as it comes.

I hope your week has gone well and you recharge and relax a bit this weekend before it’s time to tackle the next! Until next time my friends, hugs to you!

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