Deliveries…Pick-Ups….Beasts….& Test Results

Happy Saturday my friends. I hope all is well with you on this lovely looking Saturday! The weather is looking mighty fine – perhaps we will get a few things taken care of in the yards today. Joe managed to get in the first mowing of the season already! There’s chatter of a disking for the garden – our tiller is still down – which is just fine for now, but Joe was thinking even if we disked that it would be better than not doing anything at all. Hopefully it will be up and running soon-two years ago we had already had everything tilled in and ready to go. I’m sure it will all work out.

My four trays I started last Monday are doing great – almost everything has sprouted, so it’s been moved out into the greenhouse already– except Bells of Ireland & the Tiger Lily’s. No worries, I’ve ordered more seeds of the BOI, and the Tiger Lily’s typically growing wild out in the field at Bruce’s house, I’m going to assume they take a bit longer and might not be as viable simply because they are a wild tiger lily, the germination might be much slower, I think I will sow more, and put four or 5 seeds in each pod and give them some time. I’m hoping my move out to the unheated greenhouse wasn’t too premature for things….they bump all the way up into the 80’s during the day, then all the way down to 34 at night – that’s a big swing. I’m not sure how Petunias will take that swing come two weeks. I’m still trying to figure out how to get them to bloom sooner than later, I’m sure it’s a balance of light & warmth…

Sweet peas spending some time in the fresh air!
First night in the un-heated greenhouse for seeds I stated in February!

I’m planning on starting more seeds today, still not Zinnia & Cosmos, I think I have to wait until next weekend for those, but maybe things like Baptisia (False Indigo), perhaps Calendula, Honeywort, and repeat some yarrow, because some of the double diamond white doesn’t look like it started off super great! Both Honeywort and Calendula grow super quick, but are easily able to go out soon after the last frost. Which is only about 30 days away!

Did I already mention that I’m looking forward to my Marigold Beasts? I’m not a yellow & orange fan by any means, but I have several clients that really love the colors, and these beasts are supposed to be three feet tall – who doesn’t love a robust flower-even if it is yellow or orange?! I’ve also seen people dry them and make garlands out of the brightly colored heads! So, I think I might add to the 32 I already started. How many is too many, and how many is enough? I can always sell them if I do not have room for them in the garden?

Stock plugs have arrived!

My Stock arrived from Farmer Bailey’s on Thursday, I went through the order yesterday, sorting it all out, potting mine up, and realized that indeed I do not get to keep 50 of each – honestly, where has my head been? There was only 125 of each, which is totally fine, I don’t need 150 stock, and thankfully was able to fill everyone’s order. Everything will be just fine!

Today will be the day that 11 people take a drive down the driveway to pick up their order of Stock plugs they bought from Double J Flower Ranch – you know the place – the one that just got their nursery endorsement….yeah….that place! Let’s hope everyone shows up! I’ve texted and emailed them all, most have responded. I’m not sure what will happen if they don’t show, I will take it as it comes today.

Okie dokie friends….I hope you have an enjoyable, productive day! Stay positive and think happy thoughts today. Until next time – hugs to you!

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