Four More, Logging, Spreadsheets & Garfield…..

Happy Wednesday my friends! I see WordPress has done an update since I’ve last posted, we will see how it looks after I post. Change can be difficult for me….but it’s not always a bad thing!

I’ve managed four more trays of seeds, Yarrow, Basil, Statice, Queens Ann’s Lace, Blue Flax, Amaranth, Marigold Beast (so exited about these!), Soapwort, Starflower, Cress (day three and already popping!), Frosted explosion Grass and that damn blessed Bells of Ireland. I’ve checked my last seed packs….and have concluded, if I have nothing germinate by Monday, I will have to go find more seed. I see that the first stuff I planted was left over seed from last year, and I seemed to have purchased from Botanical Interest this year instead of Johhny…..I will dig one more year back and see where I bought it the year prior. I’m going to assume it’s Botanical Interest that is the issue. I know that I also saved some of my own seed, so I will need to poke around and find those and maybe give them a try?

So excited to see this Hot Biscuit Amaranth!
Cress popping!!
Snaps & Blue Monday Sage

If you’ve been keeping up on the blog you might remember when I accidentally seeded my Blue Monday Sage with my very expensive & unique Snap Dragon seed…?? Well, all my fretting paid off, it’s clear what is what & things are just fine! I managed to get 25 snaps out of the situation & some very happy Blue Monday Sage! Yes, all from the soil I don’t care for….we will see how it all goes this year!

Blue Monday Sage

I did find more soil at another feed store in town, but still not “seed starting” mix – and the lady was a bit goofy when I asked her about seed starting mix.. “I don’t think we’ve ever sold anything like that, everyone just starts seeds in this”….um….okay….

The difference in soil amazes me — it all depends on how much “logging” you want to do, and how much you want to add. The Sunshine pro mix has zero wood, but it also has zero little stones or vermiculite, so when you add water it is mud – heavy mud…so you need to add vermiculite to the top of the seed starting trays to combat this – but the other stuff is so full of other stuff that it makes me wonder how in the world I ever started seeds in it before! That’s all I used my first year, and my first year was amazing! it’s all still so new and so much I do not understand yet, and probably never will fully understand it, but I’m working on it!

The fact that I’m having 350 seedlings arrive sometimes this week has come and hit me in the face a few times! Am I ready for this? I’m keeping 150 of the stock for myself, so I needed to get those trays ready – needed to do some math and make sure I’m ready…..I think I’m set for the order arriving this week.

I’ve chatted with Jolly Farmer, and have combined my order that was supposed to be arriving next week with the week following, lots of moving things around, because there are several things being delayed the first week in April, it’s not like one week is going to make or break the season with the Snap Dragon plugs or Ranuncs….or will it? We shall see how it goes.

I did also place another order of seeds…yes, in addition to the one that I just confessed to last time I was on here, but I needed Celosia for the bride in Nebraska…or at least I thought I did….turns out I filed my Celoisa in a different part of my seed organizer…oops! But it was last years seeds… I think I will be okay with buying new stuff.

I’ve been looking at my spreadsheet for the seed starting and am amazed that Cosmos & Zinnia’s are next-those are the last things started…how did this happen already? 12 trays into the season and it’s time for Cosmos and Zinnias? I’m not impressed with my spreadsheets this year, it seems I thought I was ready, but indeed I’ve had to add and change my spreadsheet way too may times. First off— don’t do your spread sheet in December, or if you do, be sure to change the year to the next year, I had to go through and change all the dates to the year 2021 because it was sorting out March 2020 or March 2021 depending if I had input it in December or January. ((insert eye rolling emoji here)). Secondly, maybe don’t do the spreadsheet until most of your seed orders have arrived?

My Maximillian Sunflowers are still backordered, they might have to be something I try next year? My Kiss Me Over the Garden Gate is chilling in the fridge, I will get them in soil soon and give them a go. I need to lay hands on my Tiger Lily seeds Bruce saved for me last year, in addition to the Lupine & Nasturtium seeds….I know I put them in a “safe place”. The window is still open on starting those, but it’s nearing the end quickly!

I cleaned out the last raised box, and added compost to all the boxes for the planting out of the Sweet Peas in about two weeks. I wish I had more raised boxes, the soil is so much nicer in there, but indeed, that is time and energy that currently is not available. Maybe a few more here and there as time goes on. Only one box of Sweet Peas this year, it will be sad, but, hopefully the poppies will come and make that sadness seem unnoticeable?! The last box has some left over Snap Dragons that I pruned and have made room for something….but I’m afraid to take the leap and try something! Still tossing around what to put in there—so much to try….Larkspur, which I’ve tried the last three years and still NOTHING….Bachelor Buttons…I did last year in pots and they managed, but it’s important the seeds stay moist while sprouting which is something difficult to do! I will poke around and see what I can figure out. I do have several perennials arriving within the month to put in the box, so I will just cool my jets for a while and let things settle where they may.

The kids came over for dinner last night to celebrate my oldest birthday. I made one of his favorites – lasagna!! It was nice to have them here for just a quick dinner and doughnuts for dessert! His son has recently discovered the beloved Garfield the cat that loves lasagna, we had a good laugh about that last night! The cousins got to visit with the new baby, my daughters first social visit since the baby was born. It was a delightful evening! Time marches on….making plans for an Easter brunch, Mother’s Day BBQ, a shared camping trip, and so much more!

I hope all is well with you, until next time my friends, hugs to you!

One thought on “Four More, Logging, Spreadsheets & Garfield…..

  1. That Sunshine mix certainly doesn’t look like the Sunshine mix I used for decades and loved, loved, loved. It did not have wood. It was rated as having the best ph of golden peat out of Canada and did have perlite to help hold a bit of moisture. It was light even when wet. They have definitely changed it a lot. BUT it sure looks better than what I was able to get here…it has wood chips and bark pieces that are often 3″ across!!! And talk about drying out fast…it’s a definite pain. I’ve tried 3 so far, Bacto and an organic one (which was the wood and bark disaster) and both are awful. Interestingly, Jim Davis, the creator of Garfield lives in “our” town and my husband used to have breakfast with him every morning before he became “famous” and it became impossible for him to eat out without drawing a crowd.

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