Better Grades, That’s Not My Soil, Elopements, & Baby Talk

Happy blustery, wet Friday morning. I hope all is well with you!

I thought I would pop in with a few updates on the growings on around here.

The daffodils & tulips are popping up all over the place, our oldest daffs are just about to open. I debate on bringing them inside, it’s such a treat to see color out the kitchen window, those are for personal use anyhow, so it’s okay if they aren’t put to work.

The 45 sweetpeas out in the greenhouse have managed to jump to 75% germination rate….hopefully there will be a few more popping up soon, certainly they can do better than an average grade of C, I’m sure we can get them to a solid B (80%) if not an A (90%), we will see how it goes.

The place that said they were going to have the soil I would like to use by the 1st of March is now saying another two weeks. It’s odd, a fellow flower farmer has said she has gotten it there twice so far, but they are saying they haven’t had any in yet this season. I see they have their sign up for it, so….I’m a bit unclear as to what the situation is really. I will check another place in town today, I’d like to start MORE Belles of Ireland, because I still have ZERO germination on the 36 I started in the greenhouse. I’m considering bringing them in and setting them up in the house this weekend. Honestly talk about complete failure….It will be okay, I have 2 from the previous 12, they will give me some good filler, believe it or not 2 will go a long ways! But I’d prefer not to be struggling, I’d like at least 15-20 for the entire season.

I had a lady reach out to me from Nebraska, she found me on the internet by searching for florist near Glacier. She said she visited several sites, but didn’t like their uptight looking floral arrangements, but really liked our little farm and our whimsical flower arrangements and thought we would be perfect to make a few pieces for her elopement in August. She would like a comb, a grooms piece and a bridal bouquet. I’m looking forward to putting those together, she gave me a few flowers and colors she likes and has given me creative freedom to put them together. Doing work like that is not stressful, but when a bride sends me pictures of the perfectly shaped bouquet with all the colors in the right spot, almost makes me break out in hives. Too much stress and expectations of perfection that I just cannot live up to! Those are the jobs that I pass on to the experts.

Hopefully by Monday I will have more seeds in soil, it’s looking like we are heading for a cold spell next week, so it might be in the house in the laundry room for the four trays I’d like to start. Hopefully we can start going outside in the greenhouse soon. This is when things get a bit tricky, it was up into the 90’s in there yesterday, not for a long period of time, but there are several sweet peas that are up about 3 inches, we don’t want them to get fried, so it might be that they get moved out during the day when the sun will be out and put back at night, or they just might go into the ground and get going. I’ve seen several local people put them out already, but I hate to risk loosing my Kissed by Chocolate an/d Windsor sweet peas to my impatience.

Have I mentioned how lovely it is to have the internet finally? The printer works, the lap tops, the phones…so very nice – so very spoiled really….back in the 90’s we had the dial up….lol THE dial up and the wait times…oh goodness! I’ve hooked up my weather station to the internet, it’s on Weather Underground as Double J Flower Ranch. Kind of fun! The only thing that can be seen is the outside temps, which I haven’t even hooked up yet, I was too focused on putting a reader in the greenhouse so I could monitor that, but can’t monitor it from the office – as if it really matters? What am I going to do about it when I’m 45 minutes away and my reader says is 101–rush home and open the doors?!

The baby is happy and healthy, as is mama! They came home Wednesday, and are getting settled in nicely. They have checkups today, baby has lost a few ounces, but that is normal. Joe was able to meet her last night and got to hold her, I managed to snap some very precious pictures that I will not post on the world wide web, but will share with those that are important to him!

Flowers for mama & baby

Anyhow folks, stay dry and warm, just a few more weeks and we will be celebrating Spring!

Might not look like much yet…but it’s getting there!

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