Moses… Noah….& Tater Sauce

My biblical faux pas didn’t go unmentioned the other day…my sweet sister-in-law, Jill texted with a winky face saying “so Moses built the ark huh?” Well, um…no..actually he didn’t-apparently that night wasn’t the best night for my brain! In addition to that faux pas I also made a fool of myself at dinner.

We decided to go out to eat since our county was finally in phase 2 something to celebrate!

I placed my order for a bacon chicken ranch sandwich with a side order of tater sauce. The waitress wrote out order down, said it would be right out pivoted to go leave froze, pivoted back around and looked me dead in the face with a very puzzled look on her face and said tater sauce?

Yes, I said, tater sauce. Joe looks at me with a blank look on his face, I’m searching my brain for the issue, what’s not computing for her, was it me, what’s happening!?

I finally find the correct word-TARTER-sauce…you know the white stuff with the chunks in it?!

Oh good times folks…if we can’t relax a bit & laugh at ourselves-who can we laugh at?

I hope your week is going well! Until next time-hugs to you!

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