Seeds, Filling up Spots, Giving Back & Celebration

Happy Wednesday morning friends! I hope all is well. We finally got our Winter, but it certainly isn’t as bad as ones in the past (knock on wood-it’s not over yet). Our temps are in the 20’s, wind up to 22, temps with wind chill in the teens. No snow yet, it looks like everyone in Washington is going to get it but us….ridiculous!! Maybe we will get through to the other side with no big ice storm-not a lot of drama?! Mother Nature likes to keep us guessing!

I finally got seeds in soil, under a lamp & in a heat mat! Being very selective this year! Only 6 of each….with the exception of the Feather Top grass. Artichoke, Spearmint, Russian Statice, Feather Top Grass, Snap Dragons (Black Prince), Sea Holly, Columbine, Sweet William, Dusty Miler, Salvia-Blue Monday Sage, Bee Balm!!

All set to go in the mat & under the light!

You guys….I’m so clumsy!! I accidentally dropped some Blue Monday Sage in the Snap dragon cells—oh lanta—I had a very limited amount of those damn designer seeds too. I bought those snap dragon seeds for a premium price from The Chocolate Flower farm in Langley. Ugg! We will have to see how it goes-I feel like such a dink! What can I do!? Just wait & see and since they are so resilient, I’m sure I’ll be able to separate them once they are big enough. Of course that happens-if all seeds to get messed up….

My four spots plus two more filled up! Joe and my brother in law Bruce were right-I didn’t stop at 12 spots lol!! For those of you who missed it, you can contact me each week to see if I have extra-or check my Facebook page to check availability & pick up times! That’s only 6 bouquets a week, but I’m plenty happy with the results. I raised my prices a bit, nobody blinked an eye, they are still well below others in my area, but I don’t have the overhead some people do!

I still have two weddings I’m supplying flowers for, so that makes up for the other 6 bouquet subscriptions I didn’t do this year. I went at my pricing a different way this year, basically asked myself, what am I willing to do it for-not how much people are willing to pay. If people want the flowers, if they feel they need the flowers they will gladly pay for them.

I know full well I’ll have more than enough for 7 bouquets a week, that’s why I’ve partnered up with the local domestic violence & assault program in town. I’ve offered a weekly donation of four bouquets a week when the gardens are in full swing I’m sure I’ll be able to manage. In addition to supplying garbage bags & laundry soap to a local organization that does laundry for the homeless it will be a nice way to give back to my community. Joe & I know our lives are pretty amazing, sharing what we can is something we both enjoy.

The baby shower was a huge success! So lovely I celebrate new life! Also the flower arrangements I made turned out amazing! People were all sorts of chattering about them! I went a bit overboard, but it turned out so nicely, I was able to give my daughter one, all the people who helped & gave them as prizes for the games! My daughter was gifted some really nice gifts, they now have enough clothes for their princess to last at least a year-in addition to all the important stuff! Joe & I got them a car seat, bouncy seat & bassinet, she got a beautiful crib from her dad, and she found a very nice stroller in the Facebook market place! They are set!

My daughters gift & the arrangement I made for me!

We finally brought home an amazing hutch last weekend. It was a busy weekend! We’ve been in the lookout for over a year. It was a funny story really, went down to a Sedro Woolly to pick it up, and met some really fantastic people! Got the hutch home & Joe found a bunch of papers, pictures & cash stuck behind the drawers! After contacting the people we bought it from, it turns out it was the previous owners -who were still in contact with the people we bought it from-so I’m mailing them the precious Christmas pictures with their sons & Santa! She said we could keep the cash.

Still need to put my elephants out!

Ok better get ready for work! Hope all is well with you, stay warm & healthy. Until next time my friends—a big hug to you!!

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