Grape Vine Wreaths….Pink is not the only color….& Perennial Garden

Happy November 1st!  What a crazy year it has been!  How in the world did it get to be November? 

Yesterday’s wreath event went very well – 5 wreath makers yesterday, and 6 wreath makers the week before and 5 wreath makers the week before that- count the kits that I’ve sold and it adds up to 21 wreaths so far! I’ve seen other wreaths – and mine are a bit different than those I’ve seen on Instagram. I’m not comparing in a bad way, they are just different. The people that have done mine like that they can see the grape vine part, they aren’t sure they would want the super busy full ones that we’ve seen. Everyone has their different style! Not everyone has to have the same looking wreath!

The lovely ladies who came were a mix of ages and backgrounds – so much fun to listen to the stories, the laughing and rather racy conversation topics!  I’m not sure that I would have events where I have strangers over to my house – it’s been so much fun being able to have friends – some of the friends have brought their friends who are strangers to me, but in the end we all end up being friends!  It’s nice that it’s been in smaller groups too, it makes it so we can visit more and have more quality time.  And it’s so much fun to see everyone creativity!

Anyhow, I promised a few more updates on the seedling order….

Delphina Blue Black Bee-it’s a dwarf variety – but still gets 18-22 inches tall – perfect for bouquets, and will do better when we get our high winds — and I hear they are interesting when they dry! It will be a fun addition to my perennial garden and dried flower bouquets next year!

Ranunculus Mache Mix-I battled with these last year – having them soak in water over night, then putting them in dirt for several weeks in the garage, but not having them sprout until I put them in the spare room where it was warmer, then not having room for them when they were ready. I didn’t have a lot come up, maybe 5? These will have already been pre-sprouted for me, ready to go into the ground. These are also a one and done situation, so once they are done, I can pull them out and put something in their place – perhaps Zinnias.

Campanula-Champion II Pink- it’s pink! It’s elegant, and I’m so looking forward to adding it to the perennial garden and watching it spread!

Asclepias Gay Butterflies Mix – I have no idea what the common name is – or what it really looks like, but it gets tall, and it looks like it has neat flowers and foliage – it will be a nice addition to the perennial garden!

Euphorbia Ascot Rainbow – It has nice looking foliage, and I think it’s a perennial. I’m still learning about all of these things.

Polemonium Touch of Class – aka Jacobs Ladder – which I grew successfully last year, and I wish I had more of and used it more, but by the time I got to it-the slugs had ruined it! I’ve seen a lot of people use it in their bouquets, so I thought I’d try it again.

Phlox Bright Eyes – of course – it’s pink, it’s phlox – it gets tall and will be a great addition to the bouquets! I did order seeds, so I will start some by seed ,but this will give me a jump start!

Rudbeckia Amarillo Gold – it can’t all be about pinks and purples! I’ve never seen this one in person, but it looks really pretty in the pictures – lots of people like the yellows, so of course I will add those to the mix! And it will be a great addition to the perennial garden!

Rudbeckia Cherokee Sunset – again, it can’t all be about pinks and purples! It will make a lovely addition to bouquets – and the perennial garden. I’ve seen these being used by other people and do enjoy the fall vibes they give off.

Sidalcea Party Girl – aka Mallow flower I think-um, yeah, it’s pink – but it’s a bright pink – does that count? It almost looks a bit Hollyhock like-tall and spiky with saucer type flowers! I’ve never seen them or heard of them, but they made it in for their height and color! Looking forward to adding them to the perennial garden!

That perennial garden sure is filling up quicky, I think I’m going to need more space back there! 

Speaking of which, I need to get out there today – the weather looks fantastic – 31 degrees-which I do not think was in our forecast, so I will need to be careful of where we put the Dahlias and Glads when we pull them out. Tis the time of year when our temps are unknown by all until I wake up in the morning! We had an incident with the Dahlias last year, so hopefully we can avoid that this year. It should warm up to 50’s today, great weather to be puttering out and about in the garden.

This doesn’t complete the list of what I’ve ordered, there’s a few other things that I’m forgetting right now — I’ll add more later!

I did order Dahlias this year – which may or may not give me a tuber – and quite frankly….I’m okay with no tuber, honestly, they are a ton of work.  I kind of sound lazy…maybe that should be my new farm name – “The Lazy Farmer”. 

I hope all is well in your part of the Earth.  Stay warm, safe and happy.  Until next time, hugs to you.

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