Perennial Garden….Duhh Moments….& Working Smarter

Greetings, I hope all is well with you. I’m not sure that I’ve gone into detail about my perennial garden. We have a bit of space near the milk house, there’s a concrete apron that comes off of it and just beyond that there’s a bit of ground, not much, but enough to stick a few things in. The flower grave yard has been there for the last two years. so there was a bit of a pile of very large sunflower stocks. When I chatted with Joe about the possibly of using that space he said it would be fine. He also suggested that possibly I ask his brother to run the tiller over it – a 10 minute project for the machine, but a full day and a half for me to clean it out. It worked out super well, turns out the soil is super nice over there, I made a horse shoe kind of pattern with two of the five lavender that I grew from seed and my Hydrangea in the middle with a few sages’ that I propagated, and several items that a new garden friend gave me from Ferndale; Asters, Shasta Daisy’s, Campendula, and a few Iris’s. I’m looking forward to having blooms that will come back year after year! I’m sure that space will look better and better as I get out there and work it. I know some of those things will spread, so I will need to learn a few things about how to take care of them. They are looking great, still green and happy – so that’s encouraging!

The beginnings of the Perennial garden. I know it’s a bit rough right now and not much to be so proud of right now…but it will get better

I’ve been eyeballing the space on the other side of the milk house also, I thought it would be a good place to put some Lily’s, but it doesn’t get morning sun right away, but gets a ton of afternoon sun and with the concrete walls so I think it would be too hot for Lily’s or much else other than some herbs! So I will do some investigating and see what I can find that likes heat and tolerates drought. I don’t want to hedge in the milk house too much, but that part of the barn is supposed to be staying, and it’s been chatted about that I can use it, but sometimes things change. What’s the worst that is going to happen….I’ll need to move things? That’s not a horrible thing, we grow while we wait for the new space.

I forgot to post pictures of the resin! These are my brother-in-law & my sister-in-laws/—They turned out so good! I tried to make coasters-but they didn’t do well! Joe made a very sharp one…we need to stick to thee tried & true!

I’m still getting blooms from the garden – super crazy really, but super nice. I sold three bouquets last week. Dahlias, herbs, 1 Zinnia, Statice, Yarrow, Verbena, Strawflower, Snap Dragons, and Autumn Joy. My big idea of planting Zinnias out mid July was a great idea – if we lived some place that wasn’t cold at night. I’m not sure why I didn’t clue in – I know that when Zinnia’s are put in the refrigerator they turn brown – so of course Jade dear – they are not going to like the chilly — wet nights we have in lovely Western Washington. My duhh moment!

I’ve been sorting through the seeds putting them in alphabetical order – but the cat knocked the box over, so I’m considering putting them in order of planting time. I’m still running with only 5 rows, that’s more than enough to do 5-9 bouquets a week. I’m looking through the book of plugs and preparing my order for those to meet the early bird deadline! I ordered Stock plugs last night, a good price, but in order to get that price I had to buy 375…..what in the world…!!! I only need maybe 75! I’m sure I will be able to find some local flower farmers that wouldn’t be opposed to having some Stock seedlings-and I’m thinking even if I sold them for as little as 3$ it will more than cover my cash investment of the pot, dirt and seedling. I’m hoping to avoid the three tables – with 12 flats and the lights – in the house in February-maybe one table with only 4 flats. We’ll see how I do!

Not only avoiding some things, but working smarter, not harder. What are my goals – are my goals to grow every single thing by seed, or is my goal to have flowers to enjoy – and how do I go about doing it in a smart way, not in a way that I dread – sowing seeds in the cold milk house in January/February isn’t super exciting or glamorous and maybe my time is spent better in a different way. There will certainly be plenty of seed sowing to be done in March in the milk house, but if I can avoid super hard work with little to no pay out by a few weeks I think I will take that route.

The young lady I met with this summer reached out to double check that I was still planning on doing her wedding next year….that was encouraging! I’m not counting on it, things happen, the one I was supposed to do this year didn’t happen the way she thought it was going to, so I didn’t provide flowers for that one. I’m already growing things that the bride-to-be wants, so I’m not too worried about doing too much “extra”, but I will be prepared if it does happen.

Twice in one week? I must have a few moments on my hands to take a few minutes to blog-or maybe detailing the changes at the ranch have reached a tipping point that it’s a priority. Maybe the garden will bump up this week too?! Enjoy the rest of your week! Until next time – hugs to you!

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